Baffling things

I love kannada. It’s my mother tongue. I’ve written poems, stories. I even have read almost 30 novels. What I miss today is the fluency I had. I would finish novels in a day. I was a fast reader. Then after 12th class, everything faded away. The most embarrassing moment was when my brother asked 5 synonyms for earth, I hardly gave him 3. And again when I started reading kavalu and mookajjiya kanasugalu, I started to realize I had lost it all. I would read a page, then read it again then go to next page. Then I come to the same page again because there is something missing. I don’t think bhairappa has derived an algorithm to calculate a bird’s nest building patterns in his book. He has just written about how fornication can ruin a man’s life.

I’m still trying to figure out how people can predict if I know kannada just looking at me. I go to a barber shop, he calls me bhaiyya and starts talking to me in hindi. I go to a hotel, the waiter replies to me in English. I usually reply them in kannada to make a point to them that I know the language. They think me as a migrant who learnt the language and is trying to impress them. After all of this, I still get a freaking reply at the end in English. Does this mean that a spike haired guy wearing a full framed spectacles with unshaved facial hairs cannot be a kannadiga? I came back to room and try to figure out why this happens. Okay, fine… now I get it. Thank you puberty for turning a cute boy to a completely unrecognizable weirdo.


3 thoughts on “Baffling things

  1. sweatyshirt

    The same happened with me, mate. I was completely downed by my relatives for the way I talk after coming to Mandya. Courtesy of Andaman & Nicobar Islands. Bhiya, darwaaza bhida ke jao, bhiya.

  2. archiekoushik

    How true!
    It is an enigma how people here just assume that you’ll talk to them in hindi. Although I can very well understand and am capable of replying in hindi, I always make it a point to reply in kannada.
    And btw Mookajjiya kanasugalu ♥

  3. ARK

    hahahaha same thing happened to me once when i was travelling in an auto. He assumed i was a northie and then started talking in hindi. I said “anna kannadigra hathra atleast kannada dalli mathadi” To my surprise he said “myadum neevu kannada davra?” 🙂 happens a lot in Bangalore 🙂


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