I just wanna drop dead sometimes. Like for real. Tired of all the plans I do. They have always taken the road of procrastination. It’s easy to judge a man if he is happy or not . look at his face. If he has unhealthy beard , he is surely fucked up. Trust me. Beard represent amount of frustration more then they mirror about a man’s age. All the smiles sometime vanish for no reason. There are times when you know the reasons for your isolation from world. But you won’t do a thing to amend yourself. Life has been tough on me, mean to me. I had never thought about how my actions in the past could totally fuck up my future. One thing that haunts me is the fact that I have never apologized for my mistakes. Now that the time has passed, all I have left to do is sit and regret . 
I have hit the rock bottom


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