I felt nauseated when I heard that I was rejected AGAIN. Another colossal heartbreak. I left the hostel the next day and it’s not just the place that I’m leaving. It’s also the busy freaking schedules, disgusting food, and the whole irksome environment. I never thought engineering would be this much onerous.

Travelling in a bus can be ghastly if you don’t get a seat. The bus gets so crowded from inside and you will certainly get some (I really hate to say this, but here it comes) Anal Action. The conductor never cares about any of this and keeps on STUFFING the bus till the bus feels like throwing up. I somehow managed to get a seat after a stop and downloaded game of the week in FIFA 14.

The feel of being in home was enough for me to let go off the failures. And the DIWALI was ON. The Indian TV channels make the most out of Diwali and every channel plan on MAHA EPISODES. This Diwali was no different, and I don’t really like the channels my parents watch.  So I decided to play FIFA 14, full day, in my MOTO G phone. OH emm gee!. The EA sports have made the game in such a way that even if you have one big tummy and can’t walk from hostel to school, you can still feel like you are playing a real football match at the stadium of light. I kept playing till my favorite reality show was on and then stopped playing. Plugged the charger, had dinner and watched TV. When the show was over, I took my phone and (don’t care about the details, just know that) it was fucked up.

Time to panic? Oh yeah!!

“The engineer” part of my brain took over the crisis next day. I pressed the only two buttons on its body, ripped the case open and I don’t know how obscene this may sound, (but again, here it goes) after all that I did to my phone, I realized, repairing can be a perfect euphemism for sex.(bear me, I’m a little pervert). It was exhausted by my way of treating it and finally went to coma.

And then, began the sad epoch of solitude.

No phone calls (*cries* I miss “manly men “ringtone),

No messages (*wipes tears and cries again* I miss explaining my status update to those who don’t get it and I miss telling girls how “cute” they look in their dp)

No notifications (*stops crying* that’s a good thing given that most of them used to be candy crush saga requests)

No gallery (*takes a deep breath* no explanations needed)

And finally No PHONE(*takes his brain out of the skull, chops it into small pieces and puts it back*)

In the century where phones are emerging as virtual life partners, a week without a phone can be a real disaster. Especially for someone who is single, has a twitter account and had just collected the phone number of a really cute girl.

God, I hope you are watching all this. So please give me strength to stay calm until it comes out of service center. Amen.


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