A bag full of questions.

Teenage is the most craziest phase of everyone’s life. You party, take selfies, poke n ping , prank your besties to death , eat-fart, post stupid things , stalk your crush , have a meaningless winky chat, wear low waist, throw up in your roommie’s bucket , urgh!. You will be lazy enough to always put your computer to sleep, coz, u know, restarting it would take 100 years.
But the moment the suffix “teen” gets chopped off your age, then begins most *I am not really good at coining words , so let’s just say* NONTEENAGEy phase your life. You pack up all your Dan brown series and start reading “the monk who sold his Ferrari” and “the alchemist”, start worrying about your fake relationship status on Facebook, start being noticeably conjoose. You actually start to THINK coz what you did till today is Ctrl C + Ctrl V. My mind has been thinking about following questions and the reason is, I am not in teenage anymore.

Here they are. * suit up and act mature*
Have you come ever come across things which were ridiculously funny at once but now , they are not funny anymore?

Things which were pellucid once and now the most complicated bag of crap?

Will you give a bullshit reason that you are being “tested” by GOD, when things are not working for you anymore?

Knowing that CHANGE is a universal law of nature, don’t you wanna be an OUTLAW?

Have you tried keeping your mind occupied and then realize you are busy doing nothing actually ?

Have you crossed your finger and sat to hear what you always wanted to hear, and it turns out you didn’t deserved to hear all the way?

Have you cried watching something and realized no matter how demonic your dark side is , you are still a human at heart?

Have you treated your heart like a chair that has place for all the clothes and bags than your closet?

Have you ever wondered why the feelings are always related to heart when heart does nothing but effing pumping?

So NONTEENAGy post isn’t it ?


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