The much awaited movie for Diehard Nolanoids is out and I, belonging to the nerdy flock, happened to see the movie exactly a day after its release. I couldn’t resist myself from knowing the response on the first day, but I stayed out of all the possible spoilers. Funny thing is you can’t actually spoil a Nolan’s movie. It isn’t like “Hey, Jake dies at the end”, it’s more than that. Don’t believe me? Try it. Though he has made 11 movies, he has shown the world that he is a paragon of a kind.

I went to the movie with my mizo friends because none of my hostel friends agree. When I tried to convince them by telling that Anne hathway is in the movie, one of my friend said “ya dude, she is there but in space suit, the entire time”. I guess he had a point, didn’t he?. A plot with hero thrashing his enemies without even a single drop of sweat on his face entertains them more than anything. Many talk about scientific anomalies in Nolan’s movies but worry little about how laws of physics are being violated, humiliated in Bollywood movies.

By the time we got inside, the movie had already started and we caught everyone’s eye off Mathew mcconaughey for a moment and finally parked our asses on comfy seats for a 15 minutes travel in something spectacular Nolan had ever created. And oh, by the way, there were subtitles and this fact brought smile on Indian faces.

I knew from the very beginning of the movie that story and plot wouldn’t go as simple as someone would expect. The chronology, though seems linear at times, will surely take turns in a Nolan’s movie. The cast is just tailor made, especially Mathew Mcconaughey. Because he brings that right charm to the movie through his remarkable acting skills. I have watched Dallas buyers’ club and true detective, the best of his works.

To put down the plot of such a behemoth space epic in words is certainly a tough task. It is about a group of explorers use a newly discovered wormhole to surpass the limitations on human space travel and conquer an interstellar endeavor. During this endeavor, three of my friends had a nice sleep. It’s clearly not everyone’s cup of tea, clocking in at nearly three hours in length, about a third of which is spent on an exhausted Earth. But for those who love astrophysics, it is a spectacle.

After watching the film, I would like to applaud Nolan for making a movie of a unique genre and for the quality of writing. Not many directors fall into his category and his distinct storytelling makes him stand separate from the mediocre crowd. The visualization of the black hole and the interstellar travel is incomparable. That’s what gives the movie an authentic look which most of the Sci-Fi movies lack. I am a freak and I like to gobble up any piece of knowledge when it comes to concepts such as time dilation, gravitational singularity, rotating black holes etc. The movie had all these elements. Despite the confusing timeline, yet there is a promising, enthralling, amazing work at display.



  1. archiekoushik

    Friends who dozed off!
    I can totally relate!
    First of all I had to drag them to watch interstellar instead of some cheesy , unrealistic bollywood movie. On top of that, every 5 mins I had to explain them what was going on.
    After a while I just started “sush”ing them and enjoyed the movie 🙂


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