A Letter to the Gone girl

Dear Gone Girl,
At this point, I don’t even know how it all ended or what to say. You have gone too far. I look around and nothing reminds me of you. I now, completely believe the saying “you are only special to them until they find another”. I have stopped asking myself why it didn’t work out. I am better off without you. If you ever thought that staying quiet is the answer for all our little fights, may be it is true.

You and I are very different. A glue held us together but I always feared that this indifference would cost me in the future. When I started noticing that I was on the verge of the wreckage of yet another friendship, I tried too much to make everything work. I was hurt, yes, but wasn’t ready to give up on one of the best journey I had so far. But nothing really matters after the point when things start to fall apart. I could have fallen into a much deeper pit if I hadn’t realized I was being ignored. Even though reasons don’t solve any of the problems, you never cared to give any. Then things became obvious. It was over.

I have moved on from the brain waves which advised me to visit that dark place again. No regrets or remorse. You have partly taught me so many lessons and I am grateful for that but I strongly feel that your fake concerns over little deeds and deceiving portrays of amity will contuse another soul. Just remember, karma is a bitch. Now that I have freed the filth which is you, I am more contented than I ever was.

Once yours and will never be,


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