The One about My Mind

What is the one thing that you want so badly? If asked to any other person, I presume that girlfriend or money are the first things that comes his mind. But for me, being a sapiosexual and a relentless thinker, all I need is a five minutes of absolute silence in my mind.

All my mornings start with my mind still floating half side in a very dreadful nightmare and other half responding to the nagging person trying to wake me up. I talk groggy at first but then stop saying extraneous ridiculous stuffs from my sleep. I check the clock which scares the shit out of me every single time. Take a look at all the unchecked notifications in my phone. After constantly staring at two random objects to my right and to my left, I get up and look at the mirror. We all need mirrors to remind ourselves who we are. Out of nowhere, I instantly get mental picture of the list of all the things that I should do in that particular day. From that point, my mind becomes one crazy shouter of a kind.

Everything gets bizarre once my mind starts to talk. I can bear when it talks to me in my own voice, but it becomes intolerable when it starts to ape people. Sometimes it echoes catchy dialogues from movies and serials but most of the times, it corrects people’s flaws in grammar, the way they behave. Although I put a bright face and react, inside of me-resides an analyzer that never seems to stop exploring.

I am really interested in knowing if the following thing happens to you. The thing is my mind starts to think at very little activities to a great extent and make them so complex that it seems to devour all my memory. Care to elaborate? Oh yea.

So I am sitting near a window just using my phone and scratching my scalp. A random thought suddenly comes out of nowhere. I SHOULD GET A HAIR CUT. Oh wait, for that, I need to go to nearby village. No buses at this time so obviously the bike. Shit, I’m still a beginner. What if some stranger stops me for a lift?

(I could just ignore but the party shouldn’t stop rite? And it continues)   

In almost 6 months, I’m gonna be an engineer working at Bangalore. It has very busy traffic. How will I ride in such a big city? Everything’s gonna be new. Will I be one of those people from corporate offices who have got no free time at all? I have to write GRE and then life in US!

You got me? From getting a haircut to life in US. This is how chaotic it is. It gets even worse if I am traveling alone and I have nothing to read or my phone’s battery is empty. In day time, all I worry about how salty my breakfast was. During nights, if I sleep late, its reaches are up to quantum theory, relativity theory, the fifth dimension. Now, you must be clearly knowing why I had asked for five minutes of absolute silence in my mind.

Please Share your thoughts. I want to know if you ever had these kind of experiences


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