Learn To Live

It was a very scorching afternoon yesterday and I was walking on a quiet road. No vehicles or people. Just hot air and my dark shadow following me. I was nearing our new house in the urban. I, being new to the neighborhood, was looking at each thing that caught me because I normally get lost in new places. I was observed by the people who have been living there since years. I smiled at them. That’s how easy it is to make friends. Just smile back.

And then, in a house which is few steps away from mine was a young boy who waved at me. I stopped and was shocked at the sight that lied in front of me. That boy had no cloths on him. He had put his arms through the Iron Gate and tried to say something through his hand movements. I was baffled at first but then I realized, he badly wanted to get out of the house. He couldn’t stand up. Saliva was down running from his mouth, he had no control on his body. There was a plate which had uneaten food. I could clearly see he was dusted and forbidden from everything. A window opened from the house and a woman shouted “he is mad, he will bite you if you go near him, just ignore and move”. 

I was completely disturbed at this. I told my aunt about this and she said she was informed about this before and his disease is untreatable. Things like this can make me silent for days. It’s hard to recover. So many questions came to my mind. The first one is why was he treated like an animal? What is point in living in such plight?

I can’t blame god. I don’t even know who to blame. All I can do is sit quietly and think about all those people who have everything and still complain and others who have nothing yet roam happily. I have friends who constantly whine about being unlucky and their problems. I am no different. I do that too. We fail to understand that although we are not millionaires, we are still in a better condition than many others. How tough it is to live every moment to its fullest not worrying about what others think of us? We easily surrender and give up. We think our problems are bigger. In all those situations, always think twice. You are what someone, somewhere dreams to be. 



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