Places, Regrets, and Reasons

In our life, we visit so many places. Some places which you only see only though the window while travelling, places where you might have stopped for a while. You don’t notice much change in them through the years because you don’t remember the details.  But there are few places, where you spend most of your time. For me, there are three places which define me. My village- where I grew up and still live. Navodaya – boarding school where I studied from 6th to 12th. Mandya- where I am pursuing my engineering.

Since I am on vacation, I get a lot of free time ponder and write blogs on countless topics. After this vacation, there are 6 months of uphill struggle, projects, seminars, presentations, contests and then PHEW. I will be leaving the place. So it got me thinking, what will I be missing?

This question took me back to the day I entered, and then few early days, new faces, the second year, entering my department, my struggles in handling new responsibilities, and another year and another one. Turns out, except for few moments of sheer joy, some upsetting slaps at face and my best friends, there is nothing else I can I think of.

Four years and there is nothing I will miss from this place. There are several reasons. For starters I was b a complete nerdy ass the whole time. My routine was indeed “strange” to others. I always missed break fasts, went late to class without caring about my hairstyle, sat in first bench and asked doubts in the middle. When classes got over, I left early. But most of my classmates remained and chit chatted. Students here walk in groups and I walked alone. Not a “fun” guy. Nothing impressed or interested me. In tours I was shy to dance, in cultural programs I updated my apps from free Wi-Fi. I didn’t socialize much.  

Enough for any person to call me weirdo but I did all this for a reason. I had a goal and until I reached my destination, I had decided to stay discreet as much as possible. Now that I have achieved what I dreamt of, I will try to be “cool”. Maybe some miracle can happen in 6 months. That is some big amount of time rite? I will not regret if nothing happens, I will still be happy. I got over 100 followers in WordPress, I will count this as first big thing, and move on to next semester where February 14 awaits, who knows, I might get lucky.  


2 thoughts on “Places, Regrets, and Reasons

  1. guardianofemoon

    Sometimes, I do wish I had a cooler life like my friend’s, especially when they post pictures on instagram. But I know that I won’t like it if I was living that life, that is not me. Group movie outings seem like a horror movie to me. While I want to have a bit more fun, I realise I can’t because that socialising thing scares me. Do I make sense..?


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