Right Place, Right Time

I was carefully listening to a trainer who had made his mind to teach everyone present for the session that there is nothing called as luck. He told us “to be successful, you have to be at the right place at the right time”. That brought a smile in my face. After that point, I never listened to what he taught for the next one hour. My body sat straight with a keen face and my mind went for a memory ride. I was lost in my own thoughts till everyone dispersed for lunch break.

Let me tell you when was I at the right place at right time. Since my first day at the college, I have followed just one girl. I have a big crush on her. By crush, I definitely mean, a girl whom I can’t get. She has this incredible eyes, I could stare at them forever. She is just perfect or maybe it’s my spellbound mind doing the talking. I have wasted my nights just thinking about her. Never had the courage to confess anything.
A year had passed and another one. There were no changes in my story. I kept following and she never noticed me. My best friend from college had enough of all this. He said “say it or leave it”. If it was that much easier to express, why would I have kept my mouth shut? Idiot! I thought.

Indian colleges have this ostentatious event called Ethnic day when all rich students wear expensive dresses to make losers like me, feel “oh! Poor me”. All the colors will be on display. Students who don’t dress an ethnic wear-stand in crowd, ogling at chicks who walk on stage. They whistle, cheer and wish they could walk with that girl like the well-dressed guy who is doing right now.

I was all sweaty and frustrated. When I had called my cousin to borrow money for the dress, she had frozen after hearing the price. For three years, I had watched pretty girls with handsome boys on stage holding hands. I was checking out some other group of girls busy in taking photographs which they are going to post on Facebook with a caption that has “toggled cases”. My friend poked me and told me to look at the stage. Well, well, well. The best part. My “crush” looked stunning on stage in a saree that had born to be ON her. The worst part. On stage but with a guy. WRONG PLACE, WRONG TIME.

I was disappointed. I left the place in hindrance. There was food arranged and my friend tried to cheer me up. We, hostellers, become normal after good food. I recovered quickly, bid him good bye and headed towards my hostel. The road was empty. I was the only one walking. Few seconds later, I saw a girl walking on the same road. She was coming opposite to me and as she neared, I was shocked. She was my crush. Somewhere inside, a panic button was already pressed. Since no one was around, I thought that might be the best chance to talk to her. RIGHT PLACE, RIGHT TIME.

What should I say?  Hey, you look pretty in that dress. I had practiced this a hundred times as a template for any starting conversations. My hands started to sweat. The boy who just had biriyani felt too weak to even stand. I slowed down and decided to go for it no matter what. The next thing that happened is a complete mess up. Here’s what happened.

I stopped in front of her.
She looked surprised and even she stopped.
I smiled at her.
She smiled at me.
Then I walked away as if I had accidently bumped on to her.
She walked away too.

I didn’t turn back. I walked even faster, reached my room. Jumped up and down, screamed like I had achieved something big. That’s what normal people do after a girl had said yes to their proposal. I beg to differ from them. Since that day, it’s still the same old story. That’s the closest I ever got to her. I think about that incident and interpolate & extrapolate all the possibilities. There is little regret. The only thing that keeps me hopeful is the saying “someday I’ll find my yellow umbrella”.

When we returned after the break, he asked each one of us to tell one thing that we had learnt from his previous session. I stood up and said “to be successful, you have to be at the right place at the right time”.

Share your “right place at right time” moment in the comment section. Would love to read


2 thoughts on “Right Place, Right Time

  1. archiekoushik

    When I was in ninth grade, I was in a group of 5 friends ( let us not be posh and call it a posse :P) and one of my friend befriended a new girl. Being a person who has extreme difficulties with change in general, I was indifferent towards her for almost 3/4 months.
    One day, it so happend that all of my friends were absent from school together, except ofcourse the new girl. With a reluctance of infinite magnitude and a bit of common courtesy, I made small talk and just like that we got to talking and we haven’t stopped even after 5 years now. She is my best friend now and I wouldn’t be exaggerating if I said she is my soul sister ( forgive my cheesiness) that is my moment. 🙂

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