Team India might still Give it back

While all the critics and Indian fans were going berserk over the tri series loss and test match performances of a cricketing nation that seemed to have failing in finding the right combination, Team India managed to win first of its two matches. That wouldn’t surprise a hobbit because when it comes to pressure games and icc competitions, the men in blue are a completely different team. Thanks to some brilliant captaincy by the MSD who is getting less cooler everyday at his batting.

The Positives:
Win is a win. We didn’t just beat minnows but two nations with best bowling attacks. All guns came blazing against pacers with 140+ speeds and in swinging Australian conditions. Finding breakthroughs in the first 10 overs was the key and we did on both the occasions. The toss went our way and we batted first as we wanted to post a big total. I remember dhoni preferring to chase down targets with virat anchoring the run chase and MSD or jadeja to finish it. India tried too much in the tri series and now have settled with the right combination. Shikhar is out of his woes, virat won’t just stop scaring runs, rahane plays like it’s EA cricket game, Shami has found the right line and length, jaddu and ashwini are bowling tightly. Everything till now is fine. *sighs*

The dark side:
Even if india tops the group table and cruises to quarter finals, are we forgetting the fact that, from there on, it will just be one bad game to EXIT. Even if you are “glass is half full” kinda guy, haven’t you seen the plight of Indian batting when it collapses like cards. Yes, we have beaten south Africa, but what about new Zealand, they have three dragons. They will take what is theirs with blood and fire. What about Australia, the right heir to the throne.

All I am saying, let’s not keep our hopes up after just two games. It’s a big tournament and there are still much more to sort out before we go anywhere near retaining back the back we won deservingly 4 years ago.

The one about telling the truth

I had just procrastinated my plan to prepare for the seminar on Monday and sat to waste another hour in Facebook. I was so wasted that I could never stop scrolling to refresh the news feed. I knew I could do this the whole day. I get constantly stuck in an idle zone where I do nothing productive. Until someone knocks my door or there is about to be food served, I don’t move.

Exactly at this futile hour, I got a call from my best friend.

Here’s bit about US. She is the girl I value the most. Even though we were in the same school for almost 5 years, I never realized we shared similar interests until one fine day. That’s the funny thing about destiny, it happens whether you planned it or not. We talked and talked and our phones went dead. The way how fast things were going, I started to sense it might lead to something I was not ready for. So when she asked where we were headed, I made it clear that “we’ll just be friends. Best friends”. I had broken that little twig that would have crept or who knows what more it would have done.

She seemed to be okay with it. I never noticed any change after that defining conversation. We continued to stay in touch though not as much as before. That doesn’t matter if your friend is understanding. We have had ups and downs. We have had fights on silly things. Though we share common interests, in person we are two different characters. This indifference has not affected our friendship.

She hates how much time I spend on internet and phone. She wants me to change. She wants me to come out of the prison I’ve locked myself in and explore what’s outside: Be the guy I can’t be. Have I tried changing? No. in fact, I have become much more addicted. She gave up on changing me. But still, we are fine.

And today, just when I had finished talking to her, she asked me something that has left me perplexed. She asked “do you love me? Or had that feeling in any point since we’ve met

A yes to this question might will make trigger her we-could-one-day-be-a-couple part of her feeling. A No can even hurt her more. Nothing is easy to say. It’s not simple as it looks. I told her “I have classes now, I’ll call you in the evening”. I left the question
unanswered. I cut the call.

Did I do the right thing?

Pieces and Puzzles

For all the smart people out there, I want to ask a question that’s been drilling a hole in my skull since last two days. The question is “will a person be able to “think” if he doesn’t know any language?”

It’s hard to ignore this question once you have read this. We all have those voices inside our head, the one which wouldn’t just shut up. Whatever that strikes us, we think about it in our own language. The language will mostly be our mother tongue or English. Now, try to imagine your inside without this language. That would look completely look blank except for some faces or places you have seen, and for some sounds you might have heard. Compare that blank innocent picture to your current convoluted and boisterous one. I’m happy that I’ve learned a language to express my thoughts through words but it’s depressing how the same language puts me under excruciating mental pain some time.

I wouldn’t have thought about this if I hadn’t sat in waiting room for my train to arrive. It came an hour late and by that time, my mind was in all sorts of mess. When I sit jobless for hours, I freak out so much that I’m 3 days close from meeting a shrink. When I got inside the train, there were still 8 more idle hours of travel. I have had this problem of thinking over the limit. After overdoing everything, I have found a temporary escape solution from this problem.

When I start to feel stressed, I stop paying attention to my surroundings, close my eyes and imagine myself to be in a post-apocalyptic world where I’m the only survivor left on the earth.

I don’t know how it sounds to you, but it pretty much works for me. Thanks to all the movies and TV shows based on this concept. For starters, I can roam naked looking for coconuts and fishes in a very isolated island or smash the zombies head with a shovel or make a run for other supplies. Since it’s my imagination, I can drive my mind to places to where I can’t visit in reality. May be I can find some more good people who have survived, I can meet them and we could be a team in building a whole new earth. I could be Rick Grymes from walking dead with less bloodshed and drama.

This is going good so far. I hope there won’t be a day when I’ll be killed in my post-apocalyptic world. If that happens, I’ll have to come up with something else.

Oh wait! How about Time Travel?

2.2.15 The moving day

From the moment I woke up, I was sure that this would be a big day. My holidays are over and I left my home for one last time. Mom had everything packed up. It’s like she wanted me to leave the house soon. She kept telling me to take care of my stuffs in the journey. I may be 21, but for her, I am still 12. Call me when you reach hostel echoed when I was getting inside the bus.

I got in and sat near a window seat. Got a Nice view of how lives change over distances. From villages to cities, it’s like traveling universes. The guy next to me was worried that there has not been much rain in this month, while I was thinking why I hadn’t got the lollipop version for my phone yet. Two different people. Too different thoughts.

I got high fives from every single person I met in the college today. Sheldon would have complained about germs exchange but I got irritated answering the same question over and over again. The question being ” how were Holidays”. Completed formalities.

Just 30 days at home and my room here had transformed into one of those filthy places from lord of the rings. Had to arrange things and clean up the mess. After that, a kind hearted friend of mine offered me free internet to update from KitKat to lollipop.

Since then, I am attached to new interface and smooth design. Just loving it. My loser friends who still haven’t got the update went crazy. And when I had thought everything was going just perfect, I sat in front of hotel food. It reminded me of home. Best food there is. Priceless. Called mom and she screamed ” you forgot your laptop charger”.

Oh my god!. The nightmare.