2.2.15 The moving day

From the moment I woke up, I was sure that this would be a big day. My holidays are over and I left my home for one last time. Mom had everything packed up. It’s like she wanted me to leave the house soon. She kept telling me to take care of my stuffs in the journey. I may be 21, but for her, I am still 12. Call me when you reach hostel echoed when I was getting inside the bus.

I got in and sat near a window seat. Got a Nice view of how lives change over distances. From villages to cities, it’s like traveling universes. The guy next to me was worried that there has not been much rain in this month, while I was thinking why I hadn’t got the lollipop version for my phone yet. Two different people. Too different thoughts.

I got high fives from every single person I met in the college today. Sheldon would have complained about germs exchange but I got irritated answering the same question over and over again. The question being ” how were Holidays”. Completed formalities.

Just 30 days at home and my room here had transformed into one of those filthy places from lord of the rings. Had to arrange things and clean up the mess. After that, a kind hearted friend of mine offered me free internet to update from KitKat to lollipop.

Since then, I am attached to new interface and smooth design. Just loving it. My loser friends who still haven’t got the update went crazy. And when I had thought everything was going just perfect, I sat in front of hotel food. It reminded me of home. Best food there is. Priceless. Called mom and she screamed ” you forgot your laptop charger”.

Oh my god!. The nightmare.


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