Pieces and Puzzles

For all the smart people out there, I want to ask a question that’s been drilling a hole in my skull since last two days. The question is “will a person be able to “think” if he doesn’t know any language?”

It’s hard to ignore this question once you have read this. We all have those voices inside our head, the one which wouldn’t just shut up. Whatever that strikes us, we think about it in our own language. The language will mostly be our mother tongue or English. Now, try to imagine your inside without this language. That would look completely look blank except for some faces or places you have seen, and for some sounds you might have heard. Compare that blank innocent picture to your current convoluted and boisterous one. I’m happy that I’ve learned a language to express my thoughts through words but it’s depressing how the same language puts me under excruciating mental pain some time.

I wouldn’t have thought about this if I hadn’t sat in waiting room for my train to arrive. It came an hour late and by that time, my mind was in all sorts of mess. When I sit jobless for hours, I freak out so much that I’m 3 days close from meeting a shrink. When I got inside the train, there were still 8 more idle hours of travel. I have had this problem of thinking over the limit. After overdoing everything, I have found a temporary escape solution from this problem.

When I start to feel stressed, I stop paying attention to my surroundings, close my eyes and imagine myself to be in a post-apocalyptic world where I’m the only survivor left on the earth.

I don’t know how it sounds to you, but it pretty much works for me. Thanks to all the movies and TV shows based on this concept. For starters, I can roam naked looking for coconuts and fishes in a very isolated island or smash the zombies head with a shovel or make a run for other supplies. Since it’s my imagination, I can drive my mind to places to where I can’t visit in reality. May be I can find some more good people who have survived, I can meet them and we could be a team in building a whole new earth. I could be Rick Grymes from walking dead with less bloodshed and drama.

This is going good so far. I hope there won’t be a day when I’ll be killed in my post-apocalyptic world. If that happens, I’ll have to come up with something else.

Oh wait! How about Time Travel?


2 thoughts on “Pieces and Puzzles

  1. Ta'Ha

    Thinking is not concerned with language. Thinking is the process which involves you doing something, but as we use language in every work of our life that’s why even when we think, our brain process it in us with language. But thinking has no language. It upon us how we choose to think. If someone knows 34 languages then his brain will think in 34 different ways or what ? Its just upon us that how we think.


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