The one about telling the truth

I had just procrastinated my plan to prepare for the seminar on Monday and sat to waste another hour in Facebook. I was so wasted that I could never stop scrolling to refresh the news feed. I knew I could do this the whole day. I get constantly stuck in an idle zone where I do nothing productive. Until someone knocks my door or there is about to be food served, I don’t move.

Exactly at this futile hour, I got a call from my best friend.

Here’s bit about US. She is the girl I value the most. Even though we were in the same school for almost 5 years, I never realized we shared similar interests until one fine day. That’s the funny thing about destiny, it happens whether you planned it or not. We talked and talked and our phones went dead. The way how fast things were going, I started to sense it might lead to something I was not ready for. So when she asked where we were headed, I made it clear that “we’ll just be friends. Best friends”. I had broken that little twig that would have crept or who knows what more it would have done.

She seemed to be okay with it. I never noticed any change after that defining conversation. We continued to stay in touch though not as much as before. That doesn’t matter if your friend is understanding. We have had ups and downs. We have had fights on silly things. Though we share common interests, in person we are two different characters. This indifference has not affected our friendship.

She hates how much time I spend on internet and phone. She wants me to change. She wants me to come out of the prison I’ve locked myself in and explore what’s outside: Be the guy I can’t be. Have I tried changing? No. in fact, I have become much more addicted. She gave up on changing me. But still, we are fine.

And today, just when I had finished talking to her, she asked me something that has left me perplexed. She asked “do you love me? Or had that feeling in any point since we’ve met

A yes to this question might will make trigger her we-could-one-day-be-a-couple part of her feeling. A No can even hurt her more. Nothing is easy to say. It’s not simple as it looks. I told her “I have classes now, I’ll call you in the evening”. I left the question
unanswered. I cut the call.

Did I do the right thing?


2 thoughts on “The one about telling the truth

  1. bjscrazyworld


    You need to be honest. It sounds like she has real feelings… don’t drag her along. If you have feelings for this girl, grab her and don’t let go. If it’s just friendly feelings make sure you tell her as soon as possible.


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