Team India might still Give it back

While all the critics and Indian fans were going berserk over the tri series loss and test match performances of a cricketing nation that seemed to have failing in finding the right combination, Team India managed to win first of its two matches. That wouldn’t surprise a hobbit because when it comes to pressure games and icc competitions, the men in blue are a completely different team. Thanks to some brilliant captaincy by the MSD who is getting less cooler everyday at his batting.

The Positives:
Win is a win. We didn’t just beat minnows but two nations with best bowling attacks. All guns came blazing against pacers with 140+ speeds and in swinging Australian conditions. Finding breakthroughs in the first 10 overs was the key and we did on both the occasions. The toss went our way and we batted first as we wanted to post a big total. I remember dhoni preferring to chase down targets with virat anchoring the run chase and MSD or jadeja to finish it. India tried too much in the tri series and now have settled with the right combination. Shikhar is out of his woes, virat won’t just stop scaring runs, rahane plays like it’s EA cricket game, Shami has found the right line and length, jaddu and ashwini are bowling tightly. Everything till now is fine. *sighs*

The dark side:
Even if india tops the group table and cruises to quarter finals, are we forgetting the fact that, from there on, it will just be one bad game to EXIT. Even if you are “glass is half full” kinda guy, haven’t you seen the plight of Indian batting when it collapses like cards. Yes, we have beaten south Africa, but what about new Zealand, they have three dragons. They will take what is theirs with blood and fire. What about Australia, the right heir to the throne.

All I am saying, let’s not keep our hopes up after just two games. It’s a big tournament and there are still much more to sort out before we go anywhere near retaining back the back we won deservingly 4 years ago.


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