5 Things I Miss About My Childhood

As we grow older, the things that define us change. So drastic that you wish you could go back and live that past for a while. It’s good to remember those things for a while. They bring a tiny smile and seconds later, you will be fighting with your imagination on whether to stay there for some more time or wake up and simply move on. You have not much options left because every second is taking you further away from there. On a scorching hot Tuesday, with my big glasses on the tip of my nose, I sat down to write about 5 things I am badly missing from my childhood.  

1. Simple Life.

I don’t consider my present life as simple. It’s confusing. I am always under pressure. There is always something or the other that keeps my mind unnecessarily busy. I’ll either be worrying about deadlines or constantly make myself busy making plans.

Back then, everything was simple. All the worry in the world was scary English teacher who used to check my copywriting. Placing the letters F and Q in those four lines of copywriting was the hardest job. Making friends was easier. I didn’t care about what others thought about me. Feelings I had were limited to being hungry or being pissed at the guy who got more marks than me. I collected cricketer’s photos from newspapers and played tetris whenever the rich neighbor son’s let me use his video game for a while. I had all the time in the world to draw two hills, a sun between them, a river, and a house by the bank, a tree and lots of birds. I never got bored of doing this.   

2. Radio
The only source of entertainment was radio. Every day I used to keep the batteries under the sun hoping that they never run out of charge. In the evening, after finishing my home works, I sat down so close to this radio. At 6:30pm, the stories would start. I imagined and created all the characters according to the narration. It was all left for my mind to explore new possibilities, new landscapes. I had patience to sit and listen to a complete 3 hour movie on Sundays.  

What I see today restricts my thinking. I don’t deny the fact that the current TV shows/movies have quality, but they limit our thought process. I don’t mean to offend but I was PATIENT while watching Dallas Buyers club and Breaking bad (if you know what I mean).

3. The People.

There was a magical woman who healed all my pain just by her unmatchable massage. With her miraculous pair of hands, with her elegant stint of quietness while doing the cure, I trusted her at all ill time. She is gone now.

There was an old woman with wrinkles giving sharpness to her unexplainable smile who used to hold me to “shush” at frightening hours. When it rained heavily and thunders brought shivers, she closed my ears and patted till it was gone. She is no more.

Free ride was something I enjoyed the most. An old man carried me on his shoulders to show the whole village at a whole new level and tickled me till there were tears in my eyes. Sadly, he is dead too.

4. Games
Believe me when I say this. I had real friends. We had real life. We played in real dusty ground for hours in the sun. We sweated out. We fought hard for our team to win. We came back to home where our moms waited to check our legs and hands for injuries. We still have scars from childhood. One big shout was enough of a call to gather everyone in one single place. The only fake thing was the food which we prepared out of sand in those little bottle caps keeping them between two rocks, which we served on leaves and acted so cutely as if we were actually eating something.

Now, only food is real. I have virtual friends who donate lives, troops or keys. We don’t sweat. We don’t cheer. We walk like zombies with phones in our hand.

5. Pre-Internet World.
I lived offline. People were adorable and social. My mind had space for only special things (not what jay-z named his new daughter. What’s her name again?). I was cute because I stopped at every house on my way to school and talked good things with them and not because I posted a selfie. Let’s face reality, by now, you might have forgotten some of your friends who exist outside Facebook or WhatsApp.

Going to new places was to enjoy the scenery and not for “checking-in”. There was no 140 characters limit to express my happiness. Talking to people and reading books was a learning experience and not the surfing. I utilized time, now I kill it by scrolling down to infinity. My amusement was not defined by how much data was left. Everything has changed now.


10 thoughts on “5 Things I Miss About My Childhood

  1. Vidyashree

    Our generation had this atleast to miss it now but what about coming generation kids..? They have no idea..!!

  2. cK

    One more add! : CHATING
    Those days we use to chat whole hearted with our friends sitting together. But today we will be half talking with the person sitting beside us n typing some shits on mobile for someone far from us. thinking, we r maintaining two chats at a time! but sadly we never complete atleast full one .

  3. susieshy45

    I agree when you say that TV restricts our thought processes and make us zombies. Perhaps the radio or some other means of entertainment was more imagination provoking.
    I enjoyed all of your post and felt sad that people who were influencers in your life are no more.
    And particularly am with you in the fact that you enjoyed being offline. I do too. I am not available on my mobile even during the day, as most of the time I cannot find my phone and sometimes, even if I do hear it ring, I can’t find it in my handbag.

    1. chiruhr Post author

      I suggest you to watch the video “Louis C.K Hates Cell Phones” on YouTube. It’s really great.

      Most of the times, I ask for my friend to call me to search my phone in my room. It gets lost too often


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