The one about My First Editorial

The annual technical magazine of my college will be released on 10th of April and the editorial board for this magazine was led by me. The editorial musings that i post here will be my first ever experience and i am already getting a little nervous due to this.

Here’s what i wrote.

Andy Dufresne: There are places in this world that aren’t made out of stone. That there’s something inside… that they can’t get to, that they can’t touch. That’s yours.

Red: What’re you talking about?

Andy Dufresne: Hope.

This striking scene from the all-time time classic “The Shawshank Redemption” was the first thing that came into my mind when I was asked to lead the editorial team for AURIFERA. Two years ago, I stood dejected as my own article was rejected. But hope kept me motivated. I hoped, as long as I have faith in my cause and an unconquerable will to win, anything can be achieved. Yes, Hope is a good thing, maybe the best of things, and no good thing ever dies.

AURIFERA started as an idea. It all began with setting up a team with passionate aficionados, believers, thinkers and doers. We divided the work and started doing the tasks that were assigned to us. There was a drought for entries in the beginning but WhatsApp, Facebook and PESCE Fourthambit helped out in reaching out to every individual. There was no looking back since then.

After a month of bewildering travail and sleepless nights, I became a big fan of the saying “Everything comes at a cost”. For what it’s taken to start from scratch and finally put in order, it’s the sigh of contentment is what I see in the end. Working with the team, I’ve honed my skills and without everyone’s effort, this wouldn’t have been a possibility. Everyone has contributed at certain phases and kept AURIFERA alive and breathing.

I want to thank every person who was part of the team. Shubham pal, a skilled boxer and an expert in Baritsu who took the trouble of editing every article, Pratyush, the deuterogamist who was ready whenever I said “Let’s Cook”, Subhodip , Kalyani and Vidya, the three musketeers who were available all the time to help me with every single thing. I am grateful to Manjunath, Sharath, Geethika, and Raju for bringing articles when I almost fell asleep on my laptop thinking that the count wouldn’t even reach 5.

Let us now observe a moment of silence for the things I missed over past 45 days. They are match day live shows of John Dykes, WordPress notifications, Platonic relationships, fretful twitteratis’, power walks inside college, Airplanes Part II and witty sarcasms of imperious, uber-nerd genius – Dr. Sheldon Cooper.

Last month, I was exploring the depths of eternal knowledge in my android phone and my little brother interrupted me, by asking if dolphins had knees. While I was still processing what he had just asked, he gave an expression of ever-so-light amusement and yelled “Google It”. That’s exactly where technology has brought us. Thinking for a solution is not the answer but googling the problem is. As the time passed, we have moved on from interactive web browsers to intelligent web browsers, from classroom lectures to webinars, from taking notes on paper to taking notes on Evernote, from physical shopping to online shopping, from Holo UI to material design.

It gives me a great pleasure to present before you, this year’s issue of AURIFERA. So all right, let’s enjoy this party. Let’s appreciate what’s been achieved and what is possible today. But don’t drink too much and head out deep water for a swim. You might find yourself in over your head. Wade in, enjoy the water, and keep your wits about you. You will need them.”


4 thoughts on “The one about My First Editorial

  1. noorfathima11

    Well, I was the one who settled the printing price 😛 Jokes apart. This time Aurifera was excellent. Kudos!


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