Trying to be cool

By dancing to my own tunes,
By breaking out all the shackles,
By laughing at muses that don’t make sense,
By singing a song that has no rhymes,
By mocking genuine “Me”,
By masking a scar like I was never hurt,
By putting on a fake show of face,
By making choices to impress others,
By going berserk over thing that don’t matter,
I’m Trying to be cool.

I hope I don’t lose myself in the process,
A pulse of heart is all I possess,
I’ll be a swash and I’ll be a swagger,
Coz it’s never too old to be like Mick Jagger.


4 thoughts on “Trying to be cool

  1. ARK

    super post. i liked each and every word of it. en karma kaanda. ee world alli survive agbekidre mask hakonde jeevna madbeku illa andre tuldu saaysbidtare


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