One Happy Year

Happy birthday to “Solipsistic Soul”. It’s been a year since my blog’s inception and I feel like I finally am doing what I love. I am starting to lose count of how many posts I have published, followers, sentences I formed. When I read some of my previous ones, I laugh at them but that’s how my entire life has been so far. I do funny little things and months after, when I look back, they embarrass me. I am a wreckage from inside and it takes a lot of contemplation to write anything down and not lose the point of view.

It was Shubham Pal (blogs at “Psychedelic Engineer”) who introduced me to WordPress. He is the type of guy who texts me one sentence replies and you’ll need both dictionary and Wikipedia to understand its meaning. Not only to WordPress but also to Coursera,, Epic rap battles of history and many other interesting things. I am glad to have such a friend like him.

I started writing when I was at 4th standard. We had won a cricket match and I wrote about it in a diary. That’s my first memory. Then I started reading novels and they really inspired me. During big lectures that lasted two hours, I hardly could concentrate for 15 minutes so I kept writing anything that came to my mind. The more I wrote, it became a hobby. Now I can barely give a damn on any mediocre around me. Mediocre doesn’t impress me. Therefore when people dance to funky beats, getting high and making a mess, I sit in the corner, ignore them all and write something in Keep.

This blog has given me some lovely readers who constantly give reviews and help me in improvising. Some of my friends call me “the blogger”. Though the number of people who actually care about me is almost becoming to 1, each day has taught me a lot to ponder about. In my upcoming posts, I will share some of it.

Thanks for reading. Have a Good day!


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