To be perfect or not to be.

It’s quite a few times that I have erred about in my previous posts that how imperfect I am in the life I live in. It’s only because I become awfully envious looking at Perfect people. We all do mistakes. It’s in human nature they say. But having done “big things” as if it was a cake walk and still crumbling at “small things” and look ludicrous has been inevitable till now.

Before for loops and while loops, life was simple. I didn’t plan anything. I let life come in whatever way it likes. I worried less and I had no pressure. I made mistakes back then too but they were shrugged off by saying “he’s a kid, he’ll grow up”. When I finally did grow up, I realized that the world is a bizarre.  If I don’t plan, everything will go haphazard. That’s exactly when I started preparing “to-do lists”. Since that point, I believed in “planning”. Even now, I’m a planner. I write down every single thing. From conversation starters with strangers to what I am going to do with my first salary, from the bills I haven’t paid to places I want to visit. It’s working well and good.

Boy-o-boy, little did I know what destiny had, in its own way screwing people’s plans. When I wrote “get a job in seventh semester”, I didn’t know I would clear 3 big ass rounds of HP and finally get eliminated by not answering the question “What are real life examples of polymorphism”. When I wrote “no matter what, don’t get pissed at her”, I didn’t know her mood swings would be so maddening.

The ultimate truth is you cannot be perfect at everything. Things don’t always go as you planned. You can only try not to stumble but when you do, just get up and move on. Yes, I am not perfect. I agree. I have to believe that someday when I sit down, hiding my face and say “I’m a mess”, she’ll come up to me and whisper “Be my mess”.


3 thoughts on “To be perfect or not to be.

  1. Lavanya

    Hey..enjoy the life…don’t be too serious..:)..planning is required but its not life if there is no drama..:) and yeah she will come soon and say ‘be my mess’…boy your are gonna love that…:P

  2. ARK

    oho hudgi kirikU…. hey once you settle down well in life maccha everything will fall into place.

    trust me. you just have to sit and do nothing sometimes.


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