Infinity Dreams Award

“Put that damn phone down, go to Hema aunty’s house and bring coriander” my mom said this in 19,999 kHz. “I will go during the ad break” I said hoping that Ravi Shastri would stop introducing every other sucker before tossing the frikking coin. She gave that “neen udhara agalla (You will never make progress in life)” look. I pushed the chair hard good enough to produce that rankling sound. Ravens were out to neighbors that something worth a gossip has happened inside.

By the time I returned to the drama, my phone’s notification had reached a threshold. Goal updates, cricket news, toi buzzes, countless messages from WhatsApp groups, you name it. The one that really caught my eye was a WordPress notification. When I checked, it was from one of my favorite blogger archiekoushik. She had nominated me for Infinity dreams award. I am very much grateful to her. She is such a gifted writer and the reason I check “blogs I follow” tag every day.

So here I share, seven things about me that I am supposed to bring to light.

  • Since my final semester began, I am trapped inside my own snare. Half of the day I keep balancing the charge left in my phone and laptop by plugging one of them to the only socket in my room. In the other I can be found in TV hall not watching TV, Playground not playing a game and yes, Poopting
  • I find extreme bliss in applying shaving foam all over my face and laying on my bed for hours. Sometimes, that’s all I really wanna do. Hell yeah!
  • I have no confines when it comes to eating non veg. I don’t care if it’s Monday or Saturday. I’ll grab that leg piece and devour the flesh apart on any given day on the calendar.
  • People say it’s good to eat till you are 80% full. Till this day, I have never followed that. I eat till I’m 200%. I never cheat my digestive system. I have a list of people who have picked Papad off my plate and they are certainly going to hell.
  • I love cricket. I love how I met your mother. There are 256 more things that I love. But the point is, I expect my friends to love the same. I once unfriended my chum because, after watching “A beautiful mind”, he said “worst movie ever”. Watch out, once I befriend you, pretend as if you really love Macklemore & Ryan Lewis.
  • Over the years, I have observed that my life following a chakra. I see an extremely attractive girl and I think that I will never have the courage to talk to her. Enough time passes and I finally get her number, I share all my stupid feelings and in the end she leaves me like every other girl. And it repeats all over again.
  • I have written quotes all over the wall and I name certain stuffs for my convenience.I regret for naming my room door as “TARDIS”. Every time someone enters my room and asks me to explain them, well it’s tough.

That’s about me. Hope you are as confused as a dwarf in a cradle. Here are my nominations for the same,

Shubham Pal




Mahadeva Darshan


Do visit these blogs and enjoy what they offer. They are crafty and have posted some exquisite stuffs.

Bye for now!

Rules: Thank and link back to the blog who nominated you.

Share seven facts about yourself.

Nominate other bloggers for this award.


7 thoughts on “Infinity Dreams Award

  1. ARK

    Hello Chiru,

    This one socket problem daridra kanri. nan room alli laptop, cellphone, study light, tv ella onde extension ge haaki …. i really hope one day i wont end up having some electric shock 😉

    Crazy boy you are… I mean who would apply shaving cream and sleep? Ha ha ha. But thats what is life all about alva? Enjoying lil things 😉

    Papad kallas? We have papad kallis in aapice. grrr. For sure God will reserve a special place in hell for them.

    Thats sort of cute… if i like something my friends should also like this…. hahahahahaha Beautiful mind worst andna? tasteless guy he is.

    You should probably take some course on how to manage girls with He is expert in not falling into such traps in our aapice. He will provide you tips.

    *tears in eyes*

    Thanks a lot for the nomination Chiru 🙂

    *opens new tab and starts writing blog post*

    Coming back to vote of thanks part.

    Thanks again for those beautiful words on the nominations. I am glad that you thought i am eligible for such a prestigious award.

    Have a good day. And apologies for writing a mini blog in your comments section.

    1. chiruhr Post author

      Haha. Nange nim long comments jothe heavy adjustment agogide. I actually love it. Socket jothe aata aadbedi, jopana 😛

      And yes, he is tasteless. Can’t help him.

      I’ll surely visit kadlepuri. I hope he helps me in making my life churmuri. Hihi.

      You deserve it. Nam gurugalu neevu 🙂


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