You have seen them all for they all are the same!

They need you at their worst. There is always a reason and a person. A person who is a monster. A fight is necessary in this drama. Perhaps, a breakdown after everything is poured out.

You calm them down, wipe their tears. Listen closely to their long story that ends badly. What a turn of events!

At this exact moment, you don’t realize that you are the one who should simmer down and let them park their sorry asses somewhere else. But you feel sorry for them. What a bad time he/she is having. You see a connection.

You persist with your kind heart’s instincts. At first you see their pain, then you feel it. Now, you are sharing your wisdom concluding it with everything will be alright.

Time is a great healer. Before you get any far, their fight is over. Oh baby! It wasn’t you! It was my mistake. Let’s get back together.

Now they thank you for your support in all this sad patch, wave you good bye and disappear.

After all you did to them, you expect a call or even a message because you feel that’s not too much to ask for. Your inbox is still empty. A month has passed. All you ever got was daily good morning and good night messages.  Thank the old gods and the new gods, you were there in their broadcast lists!

It’s time that you realize you were just a dumpster. A stop by. A last option. You will not be missed either. Now you want to tear a pillow, break a phone, a time machine to go back, a blog to threap and a place to hide your face.


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