The Scary Phone Call.

You can argue all day that you had a bad day than your bored friend who is tired of listening to you but just not confronting it, Well, after reading this, you all will agree that I have had the worst.

It was a yesterday. The day had nothing interesting than a cricket match. I had no plans to go outside, bump into someone and be recognized as a north Indian. Good night messages were approaching. I was sleeping with my laptop charger. I was alone in my room and anyone hardly noticed me because I had turned the lights off. I was halfway down the dreamland.

And then, my phone rang.

I follow a rule. If I am sleeping and someone calls me, I don’t receive it on the first call. Only after 3 or 4 missed calls and something tells me “shit’s ’bout to happen”, I pick up. By the time I realized how serious this call was, my phone had buzzed 7 fucking times. I woke up. I waited for a minute and it rang again. This time, I received.

” Hey this is me. I hope I am not disturbing you. How are you doing”.

I yawned while she said this and tried to sound less groggy.

“Hey, Hi, nothing much. I was just reading some book. I am doing just fine. What about you”

She interrupted

“Listen, this is my dad’s phone and I don’t have much time to talk. I wanted to tell you that this will be our last call”

Let me tell you all one thing. She is my junior who regularly takes my advises as if I am Lord Varys. How regularly? Once in two months. And after every phone call, she repeats this same trash that she isn’t gonna call me anymore. I am no stranger to her weird behavior.

Hence I said. “This is the hundredth time you are saying that. Okay, take care. Bye”

“No. This time, It’s my final call. I have had enough of living ignored by the people I care. I don’t want to live anymore. I am done. I can’t hold this anymore. Bring a flower when you come to my funeral. I will haunt you if you don’t miss me after I die (giggles)”

“What! Are you out of your mind?. Do have any idea of what you are saying right now”

“Yes. I have thought this through. This is not a sudden decision. Thanks for being with me through my tough times. You have a job now. Go get settled. Live a happy life. The more I talk to you, you will fill me with words to distract me. So here it is, a final good bye, don’t call me ever”.

” hey stop… ”

She had cut the call. I still called her back, texted. No reply. What the fuck just happened!. I don’t know what she did after that but she had already stared haunting me as a ghost. What had gone wrong? I was left with trauma. I had a incomplete dinner. I was already in shambles before this call and now even more wretched. I am living a nightmare that doesn’t seem to end.

I’m powerless.


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