Being Normal.

Do you wear the same dress everyday?
Do you just for a moment,Wonder,
if that person in the mirror is you?
Was your today just like yesterday?
Or have no idea about tomorrow?

Do you hide your food?
Do you walk around in boxers?
Do you dance like a heated popcorn?
Do you Fart out loud when you’re alone!
Do you pee till there is a Pee-rgasm?

Is your tooth brush on your socks?
Is your underwear still wet from shover?
Have you stopped oiling your hair?
Are there too many icons on your screen?
Do you blow up a conversation too Early?
Are you near a socket charging your phone?
Are you too hairy but you just don’t care?
Are you 20, fat, haven’t had your first kiss?
You are trying impress nobody but still looking for a lucky day?

Is your answer YES to all these questions?
Yeah! We’re normal people.
We have small dreams,
That’s where we are headed,
Being reckless is our style,
We have a rich lovely smile!
We let our fate decide things,
Our thoughts are scattered,
But hey, we are just doing fine.


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