The One Where A Fiasco Happens.


If you closely look at things that happen in your daily life, you can completely stop searching for inspirations to write. Our lives are more dramatic than a Bollywood movie. Makes you stop the time for a second and ponder “Is this fuck really happening?”. I could stop a stranger and tell him about this incident and he might not believe that it is real.

Last Saturday, I woke up from a nightmare only to realize that there is another nightmare up ahead. The nightmare was “the last exam”. I cared less as there were still two days for preparing. I spent the Saturday watching cricket and the Sunday by updating a really buzzing Facebook status. There was another match on Sunday but it got washed out due to rain. There I was, sitting with my buddies having dinner. My buddies had some important work other than a cricket banter so they chose to leave. They waved me good bye but I completely misunderstood their gesture as “Hey, we paid for your food”, I yelled “Not necessary, please don’t”. My friend looked puzzled. He came to me and said “we’re leaving, good night”. “Did you pay for me too” I asked. He said “NO” and we shared some awkward embarrassing looks.

I came back to hostel hating myself for being so stupid. The time was 9:14 pm. Here is what I wrote in my personal diary. “Cloud Computing Challenge Read”. My plan was to finish 3 units before I sleep because the exam was at 7:30am, the next day. An hour after sexting texting, tweeting, checking scores and reading two or three lines from the first unit in between, the following drama happened.

Part 1 : The Uninvited Guest

There was a knock on the door that turned into a bang on the door. If that was another horny hosteller asking me for porn, I would have punched him right in his face. I opened the door and it was my friend “The drinker”. He rushed in and laid on my bed. Drunk and high as fuck. The Sweating asshole is really innocent when he is normal but in times like this, he pisses me off more than Andrew Strauss. I know he would start whining in few minutes so I tried to lift him up and push him gently out of my room without creating a scene. Jesus Christ! Drunk men are so heavy.

Then he went humdrumming me about his past, his present and I don’t remember the rest. I lost interest and kept saying “I understand”. Sometimes that’s what you should do. Keep repeating “Everything will be fine” “I understand” “This a tough patch, it’ll pass”. How could I read in the middle of this? He just wouldn’t shut up. After wasting some serious amount of my study time, he left my room. I checked the time, it was 12:15am.

7 hours from then, I had an exam to write. I skipped some topics and jumped straightly into the second unit.

Part 2 : Game Of Brains.

Another knock. This time there were two people quarreling about a topic and needed me to settle the argument. I knew they wouldn’t stop if I gave diplomatic answers. I opened the door and they asked me this question “Is it possible to use a T9 keyboard in an android phone?”. Even though I hadn’t used a T9 keyboard, I firmly said “Yes, It’s possible”. It wasn’t like a “what if The Hulk picked up Thor while Thor is holding the hammer?” type of a question. As soon as I said that, one screamed “YESSS” out loud and another gave me an amused look. He was certainly pissed at me for not taking his side.

My pissed friend asked me “Are you suggesting me that one can switch his keyboard from Qwerty to T9?.” “Yeah, that’s possible” I said.

“If you can do that, I’m ready to do anything you say and if you fail, you both should accept that you suck at tech” he said.

We were not ready to succumb to defeat either. I accepted it. He gave us 30 minutes. I didn’t fear losing to him, I feared losing in the field of android being a computer science engineering student. But it was a cake walk for us as we found an app in Play Store that had everything we asked for in just a 2mb file. We installed it and changed the “keyboard & input method” settings. Boom! There we had it. A T9 keyboard on his phone than a QWERTY one. The look on his face is something I will not forget. We had a victory dance and the punishment he received was humiliating.

Nothing good happens after 2:00 a.m. When 2:00 a.m. rolls around, just go home and go to sleep.

I couldn’t concentrate anymore. I was under pressure and in no mood to study at the same time. The pages still looked fresh from the Xerox shop. I set an alarm for 4am hoping that I would get at least 3 hours to study and revise.

Part 3 : Disastrous Morning.

A knock was gradually turning into a thump. I woke up and it was the same friend who lost against us last night. He was in a hurry. He took the toothpaste off my bucket stormed off. I checked the time. It was 7am. There was not a single minute to think about anything else. I opened the last two units and wrote all the important points on my hand. Then I revised the only unit I had studied last night.

7:15 am. I realized I hadn’t even brushed. I took the face wash and kept it back because I had all the answers in my left hand and there is no way I can wash my face with a single hand. I dressed up and looked at the mirror. I left the room.

7:25 am. Everyone is outside immersed in books and last minute preparations. Some people were taking selfie with an over confidence of not failing in a single subject. As I passed without noticing anyone, I heard someone say “Look at him, the topper. He must have read and revised everything at least three times but still looks tensed.” Should I stop and explain everything that had happened? Why should I even care what others think? They will still think that it’s a made up story.

I reached the exam hall. It commenced at 8am. Not a single question came from what I had written on my hand. Madam Professor Minerva McGonagall from Harry Potter was assigned to the classroom where I sat. She wouldn’t let us borrow a pencil sharpener let alone copying. I made up my mind that no matter what, I’ll answer whatever that comes to my mind. I filled the pages as if it was my personal blog on cloud computing. I came out and as I walked away from the hall, I felt, even though I messed everything up, it gave me an unforgettable memory.

Have you ever had a dramatic day with surprises that left a mark in your memory? Share your experience in the comment section.

Thank you! Have a Great Day!



9 thoughts on “The One Where A Fiasco Happens.

  1. roxxyvyas

    Almost all my days are special. I personally feel we all are heroes of our own story and everyday is a new chapter. We need some spice otherwise our story will be a flop.
    You write very well. Keep writing😀


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