An Amateur Sketch

She is lady Flawless. A charming face that shines from her surreal inner beauty. She carries a magical power which is out of vicinity of muggles like us. She is not simple as she looks. Beneath those Picasa drawn curves is a heart that is tough as a stone. You are blessed if you can feel the gist of it or you might be lucky even to sense a perpetual presence of her.

Her touch can light a chandelier, can make a flower bloom. I envy her for being so complete in everything. I sometimes get lost trying to find out what she hides in her minimalist replies. She doesn’t try hard to sound perfect for she just is perfect. She makes no attempt to get attention. That’s her strength. You cannot hold your thoughts that are already noticing her which is your weakness. You could chase her but never even get close for she is what you desire but not what you deserve.

Each attempt of me to describe her is a failure. So let me just pen down and be glad that I met her.


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