The Most Disturbing Pic


My friend sent me this particular pic today with a angry emoticon. Although I am not as rich in vocabulary as others, this pic will certainly haunt me in my next ventures.

He said “Keep it simple” but My heart says “Keep it your away”


4 thoughts on “The Most Disturbing Pic

  1. Lavanya

    Yeah…its our blog …n we put our thoughts n emotions…if people read, then that’s bonus…if people are their feelings all the more fun…but in the end and in the beginning and in middle all through its about our expressions…:)

    1. chiruhr Post author

      I totally agree. We should not limit our way of writing. If we get distracted, we will start losing genuine way of expressing views!

  2. soumichatterjeenath

    I do agree with the emoticon for it is not necessary always that heavy weighed words would convey your thoughts and emotions the way u want them to..Rather it is the complex words that erodes the simplicity of our thoughts……Hope to cross each other many more times..

    1. chiruhr Post author

      I completely agree with your opinions. I just have a small question for you. Would you master the art of saying things in a complex way or stay put in the naive being of telling complex thing in a simple way ?


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