Stop Assuming Things

I have travelled places. I have met so many types of people. Regardless of how distant you are from them or how much you are close to them, almost everyone seems to have an opinion about me. Is it just me who has faced annoying predictions like “you must be so famous in your college”? I want stop that person right there for blindly saying a pointless thing and tell him that I lock myself in my room and play games in my phone. But is it really worth being easily disturbed by such sayings?

In this type of situations, I first see the credibility of that person before getting into any sort of arguments. If he is not around me and we just happened to meet out of nowhere, he might be saying a rumor that some other person has started. In that case, I can easily shrug off and move on to an actual fact based conversation.

In worst cases, that person might be most important to you and that my friend, hurts a lot! Just that one random question from your closed ones puts everything into perspectives. You start to think, after all this, is this what she thinks of me? What if this is what was in her mind from the very beginning? And before you know it, you are stuck in a LOOP. You are still overthinking and losing control and that person asks you again “did I offend you?”. How can you not be, for all you thought the she understood you completely.

In the end it’s all a one sided view. You cannot be judged by anyone. So pretend you didn’t hear anything that person said and move on.


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