The Liebster Award


It literally aches me to have so many insightful thoughts in my mind and not a single minute to write them down. The Next minute, the thought just flies away and I feel like I have let go off an idea worth musing in my blog. I’d be pretty obtuse to justify myself telling that I hardly get any sleep in my daily routine.  That’s a stupid excuse. I should really work on this.

While nonpathetic people were living their cool life, I was in Mysore with a heavy bag, roaming in streets and wanting to get lost. Yes, I want to get lost because there is too much shit I have to handle and there is no better escape than getting lost and starting a life in a complete different place. Let’s switch to reality. I was already late to my project classes and was in a hurry. Suddenly, I sensed my pants being pulled down. It came as a shock because I don’t wear belts most of the time and if another newton of force was applied, I would be standing with my undies in the crowded suburban bus stand. The panic button was already hit and I looked down to check who the hell was doing this. It was a small, poor girl who wore torn clothes on her skeleton. It’s a common scene in India. You find these children begging in almost every public places. At times like this, my heart just melts. I checked my pocket and found a 5rs coin. I gave it to her and moved on.

People were moving in both the directions and no one was ready to pave the way for another. I was getting really slow and I hadn’t moved more than 50m from where I had stopped. I was irritated. My pants were being pulled again. You might have heard #pantsdown by The Partysquad and Mitchell Niemeyer, but I was living it, people. Again a poor child begging for money. She had seen me giving money so she had chased me. “I just gave money to your sister,” I said. “She isn’t my sister,” the girl said. I searched my pocket and it had no chillar. I said I don’t have money and got a move on. Opening my pocket was the biggest mistake. She chased me till the end of the road and all the people looked at me like a heartless monster. My act of courtesy was ignored already. I didn’t give up and she did neither. In the end, she realized what an asshole chiru is and mumbled some curses at me as she left.

I finally reached my class and yeah, checking notifications during classes is fun. If there is one thing I have learned in the past year, that should be, “you do not ignore a WordPress notification”. My blogging guru, archiekoushik had nominated me for The Liebster Award. I feel honored to be nominated by such a classy writer and I am grateful. It’s been almost two weeks but again, my routine.

Here are the answers to the questions asked by her. I already feel goosebumps.

1. Why Blogging? How did you land up here?
Writing gives me joy. I had started writing long back without the knowledge of the web and an android platform. I write for myself and for self-contemplation. I always thought blogging requires concepts of HTML and CSS, but Shubham Pal, an avid blogger, and my close friend taught me “Blogging 101”. I am forever in debt for his help and suggestions. There are actual readers who constantly follow my blog and give me feedbacks. Blogging has made me realize I have done something in last year apart from my studies and watching movies.

2. What is the brightest and darkest moments of your life?
I went through some of the darkest times when I had Jaundice. People flooded in every day as if there were no hopes left. There were the lot of constraints on my food intake and I spent three months at home eating bread and sugar cane. A 10-second trailer just went past my eyes just now.

The brightest moment is every time I meet my friend Rahul and finding out that he has not changed.

3. What is the one weakness you have, you are unable to remove from your life?
My biggest weakness is I am not street smart. I had to face many embarrassments because of this. I am also a big procrastinator. Even Google Keep and Alarms cannot help me.

4. What are your dreams for next five year?
Pursuing higher studies in a top university is something which I dream about. I want to learn guitar, cooking. I want to go on a road trip with my best friends.

5. Who has been the most influential blogger you follow and why?
Shubham Pal is undoubtedly the most influential blogger. He sets the bar higher every time he writes. He does not try do so much but rather organizes how he wants to write about what he wants to write. I feel there are certain areas of improvement in my blog when I read his. He takes time and comes out with the best.

6. Tell something about the place you come from and how it is different from other parts of the world?
I am from Vadeyanapura (I bet you didn’t bother reading it completely). It is a small village with just 20 houses in total. It is exactly like The Shire from The Lord of the Rings. It is not affected by the chaos outside. A distant chattering, a strong wind blowing, a dog barking at a stranger are the only sounds you can hear in a day. The weak network coverage sets your mobile phone to flight mode and you can take your mind off the worries. I can go to the farm with a camera and capture how bees act as pollination agents, how a chameleon rolls its eyes and changes colors and so many other things. While coming back, I can pick up fruits fell off from the wind and no one questions me. I can talk to the old lady sitting under the banyan tree and ask her how the year 1984 was.
7. Are you religious and/or superstitious? What are your beliefs?
Yes, I am superstitious. I swipe the screen from right to left while unlocking, I always answer from my right ear, if a cat passes while I am typing something, I stop. I do not download anything from the play store at raahukaala. I play a bhajan before playing “hey mama”.  Noticed the sarcasm?

I am an agnostic person and I won’t let any religious things to restrict the way I want to live my life. The only thing I believe in is HOPE.

8. What is your favorite sport? If no sports, what do you like as your favorite hobby?
My favorite sport is Cricket. I’m from India and cricket is our religion. Rahul Dravid is my cricketing hero. I support team India and Royal Challengers Bangalore. When there is no cricketing action, I do information mining. I search for a topic in Wikipedia and in the web page, if I come across any new thing, I open it in a new tab and this process continues till I am satisfied.

9. What is the importance of education as per you?
Education is something shapes one’s life. It makes us understand the behavior of the universe. In the journey, one learns why things behave the way they behave. The whole learning process should let minds explore new dimensions.

10. How is internet changing your life? Do you see it as a threat?
In couple of blog posts, I have written in detail about how it has changed my life. I also want to mention that it completely depends on how you use it, are you doing something productive or just wasting knowing about who is with whom doing what at where feeling how!
I certainly see it as a threat because not everyone is making the right use of it. Some are watching Google I/O on YouTube and some are watching a pre-meditated Twerk-Fail. People are spending more time on internet than libraries. That concerns me.

11. What is love according to you? Is there anything like eternal love?
Love is all about caring. I love my mom. She takes care of me when I am sick. Love is all about not giving up. I love my friends because they stood for at my worst. Love is all about trust. I love MS-Word. When my laptop shuts down, and I restart, the draft I was working on can be recovered from auto-save.

Yes, there is eternal Love. My love for French Fries. That is eternal.

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With this, I would like the nominees to answer the questions that I have answered in this post.

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Just a Simple Post

Just a Simple Post

It strongly bothers me that how most of the people nowadays beseech for just two things in life: Money and Fame. I personally feel lowered in the standard of civilization that I am living in. The entire population headed out in a single direction – becoming famous. Starting from getting likes and followers on social media, we are being rated on a ludicrous scale. Celebrity news is a turn on and the smell of rain is plain boring these days. Oh, the irony!

Being raised in a simple, middle class, low profile family, I had the privilege to look at the world in two layers. The ones who are at the top making the daily news and the ones who are at the bottom listening to this news in their 10-year-old radios. I was never told to dream big and when I finally heard Abdul Kalam say that, I started to explore. Somehow, when I dreamt big, I started to see people who have already gone beyond that. This made me look so little in this big round planet. I was one among entire generation staring at successful people and their nip slips.

The people who constantly complain that they are doing nothing in their life are the exact same ones who compare their life with others. The Clichés like ‘nothing is happening in my life’ ‘my day was boring’ keep reigning in messaging replies and makes you think how naïve the world is becoming.

We idolize movie stars, athletes, singers, and politicians. We fail to look at the beauty of being simple. I say, let’s all go back to a hypothetical place where food is your primary concern or may be your only concern. Let’s all be free from notifications and spend free time not looking at an LCD screen. Let’s love simple things. If we can do that, we all can reach a state of realization that all is not lost.

…. And Then, what after that ?

Since I visit my home once in a month and buses that go to my village change now and then, getting in the right bus becomes a difficult task. It was just another Saturday where I had taken the wrong bus. It stopped 2km from my home and I had to walk. I put my headphones on and started walking. I heard someone calling and removed my headphones. I noticed an old man trying to lift a bag and it was too heavy for him.  I helped him, he smiled and I moved as the clouds were getting darker.

“Why are you in a hurry?” he said. I looked back and it was him again. Funny thing is, even he was headed in the same direction as me but only with heavy weight on his shoulder.

My favorite show starts in 10 minutes was my instant reply, but instead I said “It’s about to rain”.

He laughed and said “no, it won’t. The clouds are moving towards the hillside. It will rain there but not in your village”. The confidence he had when he said that amazed me and I checked google weather notification. It clearly said, “Light thunderstorms and rain”.

“I better get moving, it’s getting late,” I said.

“Slow down. Talk to me. What do you do?” I began sensing this conversation not ending anytime quickly so I said “ I am doing engineering” and started to move quickly. I didn’t look back. He asked me again, “what after engineering?”, I said, “Job”. His next reply started to annoy me. He yelled “and then? What after job”, I screamed “marriage”, he yelled “what after marriage?”, I said, “ children”. That should’ve stopped right there, but he screamed again from a distance “What after that”. I pretended I didn’t hear that and reached home with a big relief.

I watched my favorite show, a cricket match and surfed till it was 12. Not a single drop of rain fell that day. Surprisingly, he was smarter than google.