…. And Then, what after that ?

Since I visit my home once in a month and buses that go to my village change now and then, getting in the right bus becomes a difficult task. It was just another Saturday where I had taken the wrong bus. It stopped 2km from my home and I had to walk. I put my headphones on and started walking. I heard someone calling and removed my headphones. I noticed an old man trying to lift a bag and it was too heavy for him.  I helped him, he smiled and I moved as the clouds were getting darker.

“Why are you in a hurry?” he said. I looked back and it was him again. Funny thing is, even he was headed in the same direction as me but only with heavy weight on his shoulder.

My favorite show starts in 10 minutes was my instant reply, but instead I said “It’s about to rain”.

He laughed and said “no, it won’t. The clouds are moving towards the hillside. It will rain there but not in your village”. The confidence he had when he said that amazed me and I checked google weather notification. It clearly said, “Light thunderstorms and rain”.

“I better get moving, it’s getting late,” I said.

“Slow down. Talk to me. What do you do?” I began sensing this conversation not ending anytime quickly so I said “ I am doing engineering” and started to move quickly. I didn’t look back. He asked me again, “what after engineering?”, I said, “Job”. His next reply started to annoy me. He yelled “and then? What after job”, I screamed “marriage”, he yelled “what after marriage?”, I said, “ children”. That should’ve stopped right there, but he screamed again from a distance “What after that”. I pretended I didn’t hear that and reached home with a big relief.

I watched my favorite show, a cricket match and surfed till it was 12. Not a single drop of rain fell that day. Surprisingly, he was smarter than google.


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