Just a Simple Post

Just a Simple Post

It strongly bothers me that how most of the people nowadays beseech for just two things in life: Money and Fame. I personally feel lowered in the standard of civilization that I am living in. The entire population headed out in a single direction – becoming famous. Starting from getting likes and followers on social media, we are being rated on a ludicrous scale. Celebrity news is a turn on and the smell of rain is plain boring these days. Oh, the irony!

Being raised in a simple, middle class, low profile family, I had the privilege to look at the world in two layers. The ones who are at the top making the daily news and the ones who are at the bottom listening to this news in their 10-year-old radios. I was never told to dream big and when I finally heard Abdul Kalam say that, I started to explore. Somehow, when I dreamt big, I started to see people who have already gone beyond that. This made me look so little in this big round planet. I was one among entire generation staring at successful people and their nip slips.

The people who constantly complain that they are doing nothing in their life are the exact same ones who compare their life with others. The Clichés like ‘nothing is happening in my life’ ‘my day was boring’ keep reigning in messaging replies and makes you think how naïve the world is becoming.

We idolize movie stars, athletes, singers, and politicians. We fail to look at the beauty of being simple. I say, let’s all go back to a hypothetical place where food is your primary concern or may be your only concern. Let’s all be free from notifications and spend free time not looking at an LCD screen. Let’s love simple things. If we can do that, we all can reach a state of realization that all is not lost.


10 thoughts on “Just a Simple Post

  1. itsmayurremember

    I like what you wrote mostly, i concur with most of what you said. Especially the part about getting likes and fame.
    But it is always gonna be get up and doing something, because sitting on the couch the entire day will avail nothing, other than so boring and nothing i am doing.
    Nice Blog

  2. Manu

    Its true world is running in different direction. Life got so much make up and we forgotten our real colors. It is necessary to sit back n retrospect values. Simple living great thinking


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