Starlight Blogger Award.

Hurray! I have been nominated for another award. As I sit today with piles of thoughts to answer the questions asked by my lovely fellow blogger – Swatii , I would like to thank her for the nomination. In blogging terms, she is an ace, a pro and someone whom I follow to better myself. It is such an honor to be nominated by such talented writer. Just when I thought of giving up on blogging, this happened. I should stop playing Coldplay’s Lost now. 

Here I try to answer the questions by typing exactly what my inner voice tells me.

Not-to-be-changed rules:

Thank the giver and link their blog to your post.
Answer the 3 questions given to you. Nominate Others.

1. If ever given a task to write a book, which topic you will hop on to?

I would suck at writing books. The prime reason is my thoughts are so scattered that I get really nervous while writing anything more than 1000 words. I might be needing a neural magnifying glass to concentrate all my thoughts to one place. But since it is a hypothetical question where I am normal in psychological terms, the topic I will hop on to is “time travel”. I would have likely got an aww if I had sad “Love/Romance”, but I feel I am too old for that stuff.

2. How do you define *LIFE*?

               That – Hyphen written in between date of birth and date of death, is life. In that little hyphen, you take birth, smile, cry, work, play, sing, dance, inhale, exhale, make love, awkwardly watch people making love, befriend, cheat, parent, Facebook, twitter, drink, smoke, lust, get old, and no matters how many times you didn’t take bath, you DIE. All during that little Hyphen. 

3. *Emotions* – How do they guide an existence?
               Having emotions is what makes us human. Not having emotions makes you call a person – an Animal. We humans have survived till today because, since the day it all started, hunting for food and living in caves, it has been about having each other’s back, sharing feelings, and being there during the worst times. Funny, Charles Darwin didn’t include this in his theory.

Heck Yeah! Another one completed. Great ride.

My Nominees to the same are

1. Jagriti
2. Sonam
3. Shiva
4. Swagath
5. Siddharth

The three questions from my muggle head are,

1. Do you believe in Luck? Why?
2. What is the strangest thing you have experienced?
3. What is a challenge according to you?

Do participate. I am checking my notifications for answers 😛

Happy Blogging
Chiranjeevi HR

Near Inspirations.

She woke up at 5,
Lit the candle,
Tied her hairs up,
Took a broomstick,
And went outside.
Without making a sound.

4 hours later,
I opened my eyes,
Still covered, still sleepy,
She said “Breakfast is ready!”
I rolled like a seal,
From left to right,
Stepped out of the bedroom,
“Ah! I missed the sunrise”

She had prepared Roti’s,
She had cleaned the house,
She had sent my brother to school,
She had even did the laundry.

Having so much strength in my muscles, I’m listless.
I had done nothing except,
Moving inside the house like a moron.
Having crossed 40,
She still hadn’t stopped working.

I stopped her right then,
And asked,
“Mom, Aren’t you tired?”
She smiled and said,
“It’s normal.
This is what I do every day.
Now go read your books”.
Tears, smile – all at once,
I sat down with my book,
And laughed at,
Inane complaints I have about,
My boring average life.

Eat. Sleep. Do Nothing. Repeat.

This. *yawns*
This post is an outrage. This post is a desperate attempt say out loud to all the bored people out there that “You my friend, Aren’t the only one who is bored”. If you think that there is nothing interesting happening in your life, then you are in for a treat. Just sit back, relax and do exactly what you have mastered doing in the recent times- “staring at the phone screen with less than 30cm for almost an entire day”.

It’s either my visions of future are too wrong or the realness of my present is too boring. After some “near-to-death” experiences in my college life, I came back home to do something more than just existing. The first day started just fine and by lunch, I had realized I had enough of “freeing my mind”. It took me 10 hour of sleep, 2 hours of nonstop EDM and a walk around the farm to drop down all my past at once. Right after that began the “BOREmageddon”.
Once you are bored, you become so fond of scratching parts of your body where hairs are present. Next is periodical stretching of body because you have been in the state of stillness for an hour or so. You try to lip sync with the song that is playing, you fail but it doesn’t bother you because there is no one to listen anyway. I usually send disturbing messages to my friends to see if that gives a Plot twist to our muted conversations. There is porn but same people doing the same thing over and over bores you again. You become inactive physically, literally, figuratively, sexually, intellectually and basically fundamentally.

More on “The dawn of the planet boring”. If you are doing nothing productive than digestion, and someone tells you that you’ve lost it, just ignore him. There are millions like you, like US.

I eat for no reason. I go to kitchen in stealth mode, search for surprise food item and when I finally find it, I gobble it like there is someone watching me. Then, I start to think weirdly. Like this- would I have survived if I had lived in Game of Thrones time?  Can I take a guy down when he tries to mug me? What superpower would suit best to me? Then I look at the clock, it’s already 1. Lunch time. How much should I eat to save some space for 4’o clo


ck snacks?

Honing the skills, self-improvement, making use of one’s true potential and anger management.  I don’t ever fucking believe them. I have had fair share of knowing each one of them but they suck. I’d rather be honing my fast typing skills, self-improvement is masturbation, my potential is being useless and I am having good run in that so far and balls to anger management.     

Here’s to all who have lost sense of time. Let’s get back to our “Couch-Popcorn-TV” schedule. The world isn’t going anywhere.

Psychedelic nights

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Musings to Pocketful of Sunshine

“Life is a battle between you and yourself” thehqdefaulty say, one such battle for me that has always kept me on the losing side is sleeping during nights. My day starts when most call it a day and my day ends when most call it a night. My literal days seems too shorter compared to the lengthier nights I spend. Popularly known as insomnia, it is considered to be abnormal for health but for me it has been a cultivated lifestyle that I can brag about telling “sleep is for the weak”. Psychology seconds me telling nocturnal people are more intellectual. Jokes and obsession apart, it is certainly weird to be awake listening to George Harrison at 4 in the morning. During my earlier hostel days I would dream all night with my eyes open, after the inception of mobiles Google, Facebook and Wikipedia have been my best friends…

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The Coding Enigma

Out of hundred reasons why I never felt engineering suited me, Coding is the Number one. Honestly, I thought Computer Science and Engineering was about those three icons you see on desktop and MS Office.  With that idea in my mind, I chose CSE. My heroic saga dates back to 2004 when I had prepared a Power Point Presentation with Sound effects, Designed my name using WordArt in MS Office and painted the round Pepsi logo. Those were proud moments. Back then and until I opened CCP textbooks, I thought those basic things were sufficient. With a fine i5 laptop and a full framed black glass, I was all set to top the class.

The first test went excellent. What is a computer? Functional units, Generations, Von Neumann Concepts and blah blah blah. The hitches came when Programming was being taught. The working of a computer was actually more than “kicking the power button of CPU until the yellow light flashes”. Everyone with PCMC background seemed to follow the flow but I was searching for blank faces just like mine. How the fuck can this computer be intelligent and self-efficient, if it can’t do everything by itself. The Sum of Two numbers was the first program I wrote down and it was all strange and meaningless to me.
Each day, some new concepts were taught and only common thing in all of them were the header files. After checking twice, what’s written on the board, I was shocked to see I had written “studio.h”.

In the first lab test, I had got the simplest of all. A 15 line program. That’s how I used to identify them, by counting number of lines. I barfed everything I know from late night studies and started typing. When I compiled, there was this one error that had something to do with the declaration of the variable. I don’t remember the exact message but who gives a hoot. Everyone passed by me whispered something unclear and I couldn’t make anything of it. At the beginning I made “seriously trying hard to edit this code” face but that didn’t work either. Two hours and there were just 3 bright students left in the lab. “If you cannot execute these simple programs, then what will you do in the next semesters?” my teacher asked. No one replied.  May be I’ll copy all the programs to a pen drive and bring it like all the smart students did.  My roll no was called for Viva.

The first question she asked watching my programming ability was “Why did you take CS?”. With a puzzled face and doubtful voice, I said “Passion”. I always believe big fancy words can have some serious impact. By her expressions, I figured out she is going to launch some nukes in few seconds. But she took some time before the kill. “What Languages do you know?” she asked. kannada, English, Hindi, telugu popped suddenly and they were technically correct answers but she would have slapped me right away if I had muttered those. “I am a PCMB student, I studied biology. I am learning C in this semester” I said frankly. She was annoyed by how I said it. “Biology? Then why are you here?” she asked and her tone gained some high frequencies.

As soon as she said the word Biology, it reminded me of some good old days. See, Biology is my favorite subject. It taught me reproduction and some other processes I didn’t even bother listening to. With diagrams and explanations on how to make babies, I wondered how time flew during biology classes. The textbook had everything – funny names to human private parts and ………

“Don’t be silent! Say something” she yelled. My mind was somewhere else and I still had no answers. “Engineering has scope now so I chose it” I replied. Next few minutes brought me more agony than a south Indian love story that doesn’t have happy ending.

From that day, it only has gotten worse. As I moved to next semester, I had to deal with countless programs and errors. Then came C++. No comments on C++ as it made me feel “I’d rather learn Finnish”. My mini project had 2500 lines of code I still have no idea of what they mean. Computer Graphics and Microprocessor were more complex than a David Lynch movie. As times passed, only the color of the error messages changed. In the end, all I can say is, If you want to see fear in an engineer’s eye, tell him to write a CODE.  

Where are all the pieces?!

Just when I thought everything is going according to the plan and I am past doing strange things, something proved me wrong. I swallowed a flower yesterday. Hold on to this post a little more longer and you’ll know why.

I bid adieu to my engineering life on July 6th and left Mandya on a sad note. My tears have less threshold and I cried as looked at my close friends faces before leaving. I broke down. I bowed down to hide my weeping and the car steered off from my college. Mom had a happy face at least. It took me two days to put everything back together.

Less than month left to enter the IT crowd, I got my head clean shaved. Not a fashion choice but was a duty to offer my facial hair. Since then, jokes on my shiny bald head have flooded. The one below being the funniest.


At this point, I’m laughing at a joke that is made on me. Can’t blame the maestro who did this.

I’ve more than 20 new books in my bookshelf and I’m diving into everything at once. It feels so good to just hold them and leave a bookmark after finishing a chapter. I am finally utilizing time properly.


22 is a crazy age. Parents think that you are still a child to make any decision and kids think you are too old to tease them. You embarass yourself at times and wonder have I done what I always thought of doing. Little things make you angry, like, when it takes too much time to load a display picture.

I’m gearing up for new things, changes, environment. It’s exciting and at the same time scary. But that’s all life is about.

Here’s the Flower swallowing story:
After the Pooja, I was served with prasadam. That is the sweetest thing and I was relishing and then my name was called. A similar voice. I looked back and it was my cousin. He stopped me from eating prasadam and took me inside the temple. Did they find out any of my sins?. “As a tradition, you have to swallow this banana” he said and paused. Looked easy but everyone around me wore a serious face. I thought of minions and couple of other things right then but before I burst into laughter, he handed me a flower and said “along with this”. I was shocked, perplexed and baffled as I held a banana and a white flower in my hand. My instincts said the more you delay it, the tougher it gets. I swallowed the banana at once but the Flower stuck at half. A sad death of a young blogger as he choked to death while swallowing a flower was almost on the cards. I took a big breath and took the remaining half and still wondering if anything will top ” Strangest thing I did ” list than this one.
Any thoughts?

Have a Good Day Readers.