Where are all the pieces?!

Just when I thought everything is going according to the plan and I am past doing strange things, something proved me wrong. I swallowed a flower yesterday. Hold on to this post a little more longer and you’ll know why.

I bid adieu to my engineering life on July 6th and left Mandya on a sad note. My tears have less threshold and I cried as looked at my close friends faces before leaving. I broke down. I bowed down to hide my weeping and the car steered off from my college. Mom had a happy face at least. It took me two days to put everything back together.

Less than month left to enter the IT crowd, I got my head clean shaved. Not a fashion choice but was a duty to offer my facial hair. Since then, jokes on my shiny bald head have flooded. The one below being the funniest.


At this point, I’m laughing at a joke that is made on me. Can’t blame the maestro who did this.

I’ve more than 20 new books in my bookshelf and I’m diving into everything at once. It feels so good to just hold them and leave a bookmark after finishing a chapter. I am finally utilizing time properly.


22 is a crazy age. Parents think that you are still a child to make any decision and kids think you are too old to tease them. You embarass yourself at times and wonder have I done what I always thought of doing. Little things make you angry, like, when it takes too much time to load a display picture.

I’m gearing up for new things, changes, environment. It’s exciting and at the same time scary. But that’s all life is about.

Here’s the Flower swallowing story:
After the Pooja, I was served with prasadam. That is the sweetest thing and I was relishing and then my name was called. A similar voice. I looked back and it was my cousin. He stopped me from eating prasadam and took me inside the temple. Did they find out any of my sins?. “As a tradition, you have to swallow this banana” he said and paused. Looked easy but everyone around me wore a serious face. I thought of minions and couple of other things right then but before I burst into laughter, he handed me a flower and said “along with this”. I was shocked, perplexed and baffled as I held a banana and a white flower in my hand. My instincts said the more you delay it, the tougher it gets. I swallowed the banana at once but the Flower stuck at half. A sad death of a young blogger as he choked to death while swallowing a flower was almost on the cards. I took a big breath and took the remaining half and still wondering if anything will top ” Strangest thing I did ” list than this one.
Any thoughts?

Have a Good Day Readers.


18 thoughts on “Where are all the pieces?!

  1. Lavanya

    hey..first of all congratulations for the new job…and second aweeesooommmeee post… πŸ™‚
    all the best…but yes the job sucks but pays our bills and gives money to funnel into our passions..;)


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