Psychedelic nights

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Musings to Pocketful of Sunshine

“Life is a battle between you and yourself” thehqdefaulty say, one such battle for me that has always kept me on the losing side is sleeping during nights. My day starts when most call it a day and my day ends when most call it a night. My literal days seems too shorter compared to the lengthier nights I spend. Popularly known as insomnia, it is considered to be abnormal for health but for me it has been a cultivated lifestyle that I can brag about telling “sleep is for the weak”. Psychology seconds me telling nocturnal people are more intellectual. Jokes and obsession apart, it is certainly weird to be awake listening to George Harrison at 4 in the morning. During my earlier hostel days I would dream all night with my eyes open, after the inception of mobiles Google, Facebook and Wikipedia have been my best friends…

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