Eat. Sleep. Do Nothing. Repeat.

This. *yawns*
This post is an outrage. This post is a desperate attempt say out loud to all the bored people out there that “You my friend, Aren’t the only one who is bored”. If you think that there is nothing interesting happening in your life, then you are in for a treat. Just sit back, relax and do exactly what you have mastered doing in the recent times- “staring at the phone screen with less than 30cm for almost an entire day”.

It’s either my visions of future are too wrong or the realness of my present is too boring. After some “near-to-death” experiences in my college life, I came back home to do something more than just existing. The first day started just fine and by lunch, I had realized I had enough of “freeing my mind”. It took me 10 hour of sleep, 2 hours of nonstop EDM and a walk around the farm to drop down all my past at once. Right after that began the “BOREmageddon”.
Once you are bored, you become so fond of scratching parts of your body where hairs are present. Next is periodical stretching of body because you have been in the state of stillness for an hour or so. You try to lip sync with the song that is playing, you fail but it doesn’t bother you because there is no one to listen anyway. I usually send disturbing messages to my friends to see if that gives a Plot twist to our muted conversations. There is porn but same people doing the same thing over and over bores you again. You become inactive physically, literally, figuratively, sexually, intellectually and basically fundamentally.

More on “The dawn of the planet boring”. If you are doing nothing productive than digestion, and someone tells you that you’ve lost it, just ignore him. There are millions like you, like US.

I eat for no reason. I go to kitchen in stealth mode, search for surprise food item and when I finally find it, I gobble it like there is someone watching me. Then, I start to think weirdly. Like this- would I have survived if I had lived in Game of Thrones time?  Can I take a guy down when he tries to mug me? What superpower would suit best to me? Then I look at the clock, it’s already 1. Lunch time. How much should I eat to save some space for 4’o clo


ck snacks?

Honing the skills, self-improvement, making use of one’s true potential and anger management.  I don’t ever fucking believe them. I have had fair share of knowing each one of them but they suck. I’d rather be honing my fast typing skills, self-improvement is masturbation, my potential is being useless and I am having good run in that so far and balls to anger management.     

Here’s to all who have lost sense of time. Let’s get back to our “Couch-Popcorn-TV” schedule. The world isn’t going anywhere.


3 thoughts on “Eat. Sleep. Do Nothing. Repeat.

  1. RKini

    Great piece of work… And to add… That moment… When you realize you are not unique, as u believed u are… And you are nothing but the sailor who’s sailing in the same boat as everyone!
    A great poet once said… Life is nothing but a treacherous travel, and you are nothing but a tree by the way. Not even a traveller on the path! 😀
    Waiting for more blogs…


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