Near Inspirations.

She woke up at 5,
Lit the candle,
Tied her hairs up,
Took a broomstick,
And went outside.
Without making a sound.

4 hours later,
I opened my eyes,
Still covered, still sleepy,
She said “Breakfast is ready!”
I rolled like a seal,
From left to right,
Stepped out of the bedroom,
“Ah! I missed the sunrise”

She had prepared Roti’s,
She had cleaned the house,
She had sent my brother to school,
She had even did the laundry.

Having so much strength in my muscles, I’m listless.
I had done nothing except,
Moving inside the house like a moron.
Having crossed 40,
She still hadn’t stopped working.

I stopped her right then,
And asked,
“Mom, Aren’t you tired?”
She smiled and said,
“It’s normal.
This is what I do every day.
Now go read your books”.
Tears, smile – all at once,
I sat down with my book,
And laughed at,
Inane complaints I have about,
My boring average life.

10 thoughts on “Near Inspirations.

  1. “Tears and Smile __ all at once”
    That makes sense.
    Your Love for Momus.
    As we grow we tend to forget all that she has done.
    Remembering that till our last breath shall make it the best sense.
    Love to You,

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