Lots to Tell.

I moved to the garden city on 2nd August and started working in a corporate company from 3rd. It took whole lot of planning, shopping, getting everything together, and being prepared for all possible cases. Leaving home again was painful as ever and this was my 12th year away from family. All of a sudden, I have responsibilities on my shoulder, my words have a weight and parents have started  taking me seriously.

Many things haunt me. Here are few. I am really short for a 22m and I don’t ever believe in “I am not short my height is cute”. I sometimes take Kevin hart, peter Dinklage as my inspiration but comparing to the number of tall guys I see outside, I’m no match at all. Office is no perfect place either. Even though I sit inside an Air conditioned auditorium for 10 hours, I fail to understand what is being taught. I easily get sleep. The office closes at 7:30 and worst part is coming back. Bangalore is not pleasant sometimes. The other day when I was coming back from office, a couple of local guys started singing a song on black mole that I have on my face.  I did not react and if something Shubham has taught me apart from grammar, that is “Show that you’re not afraid”.

Life is tough here. you have to earn time and not just money. Right now, I have 7 new books, 2 most awaited series, a blog, a TV, and the entire Bangalore city. What I don’t have is time. Not so long ago, I had written a shite post called “Eat. Sleep. Do Nothing. Repeat”. Funny how fast everything changes. one day you are sitting in your home waiting for something to happen and another day, you are tired of the work and just want everything to stop. It’s all because of the tight schedule I have to keep up every day. 9:30 to 7 are the working hours and add 2 hours of travel and 1 more hour of waking up and getting ready.

I always wanted to be a developer and working at cutting edge technology. Before that, I wanted a job. Now that I have a job, I still am heading in the wrong direction. I have been assigned to be in  the Quality Assurance department. The name is just fancy, there are only 2 trainees (including me) in that department. It’s either I am too special that they decided to put me in this position, or I am just a too bad programmer. What are the odds of my HR reading the post “Coding Enigma”.

I had so much in my dreams but again, there are many things that are holding me back. To this day, I am not sure how many times i have written something in my to do list and failed. But it has lead me somewhere. In my village, there are rugs to riches stories being told already. Honestly, I haven’t done enough. I haven’t read or traveled enough. The road is long and unclear and as long as I have Will to achieve, I will keep on running. One day, I’ll be there.


One week in bangalore has taught me that life is a continous struggle (niranthara horata). And two adorable people have given me reasons to be proud of myself. one said ” U r d reward for all d good things which i have done in my life” and the other said ” trust me i look up to u as sm1 my ideal”. I am humbled and overwhelmed. I dedicate this post to both of them.

Happy Blogging, Have a great day.