The Work-Life Compendium.

One month sailing the “IT” ship, I wonder how stupidly I was upbeat about working. I had left college thinking that at some point, I’ll be not be flipping the pages of a book anymore but instead, scrolling down a PDF. Even before I could contemplate whether I was ready to work or not, a Lenovo ThinkCentre desktop was facing towards me with an erotic message “Press CTRL+ALT+DEL to unlock this computer”. I landed my chin on my hands and thought is this what I will be doing for the rest of my life.

It all started when I entered the Dystopia. For a 9 floor building with more than thousand employees, I heard nothing except my own footsteps. People were busy with their work and those who weren’t, were waiting for lift to come down, reading newspapers or filling their water bottles. The names on their ID card didn’t reflect on their faces. The doors had “PUSH” or “PULL” instead of “WELCOME”. I was taken aback by the strange silence and the cold air as I picked a seat in the auditorium.

It was almost clear that everyone had spent thousands on buying formal wear. The sight of fake smiles and handshakes was highly loathsome for me, but I had no other choices than doing the same. For the next two days I had learned that the most conversations had the same lines repeated over time intervals with different people. Here are few I encounter.

“Hey, had breakfast? What did you have for Breakfast?” No, I’m a plant. I’ll wait till the sun is out. Photosynthesis karna hai.

“Coming for tea?”


No, I’m waiting for tea to come to me.

“Hey, where you going for lunch?” Hospital.

“How was your day? What did you do?” Tap, Type, Talk.

And the “One mustn’t stop making other miserable” type of question – “What did you do in the weekend?”


Laptop, Mobile, TV, Chicken, Pillow, Peace.

The last working day of the week was Friday and by now I had made few friends to whom I can High Five and with few I can make dirty jokes. This Friday was a very big day for all of us. The results of who will be assigned to which Factions was ready to be announced. Java (the brainy) and Database (the intellectuals) were among the preferred choices of all. Till now, the plot of my life in IT was just like the movie DIVERGENT. But unlike the movie, before I dropped my blood to Java which I had thought was the best suited faction for me , someone from the Abnegation (HR Dept), grabbed my hand and pushed me into Quality Assurance Department.


Out of all the roads I could’ve trodden, I had stepped onto the one less traveled. I was not alone. There was another amiable stroller whose was sweating just as me. The Saturday and Sunday were full of remorse. I could not concentrate on anything. Sometimes you get fixated on something and you don’t even know why?

Fast Forward. >>

Life goes on. The alarm I set, wakes my roommates instead of me. 7:30am is when my day begins. I leave my PG at 8:30 and for the next one hour, I curse the Silk board traffic. I swipe in at 9:30. For studying CS like no other, MS office, word, excel, PowerPoint, Lync and Outlook, await me and give a complementary hug every day. BB1-8F-182 is my cubicle where I make love with my keyboard and mouse. My effulgence slowly dims down at every passing hour and I become forlorn at the end of the day. My phones will have few missed calls and some conversations saying “you’ve changed” or “you must busy these days”. I cannot explain them my situation without glorifying the word BUSY. When I come back, the only thing I want to do is sleep as soon as I can.

This is pretty much how life has become now.


7 thoughts on “The Work-Life Compendium.

  1. lorirensink

    I can totally relate. I felt the same way when I started my first 8-5 job. **You mean I have to sit here in this same chair for 8 hours a day?** The panic ensues and suddenly I am feeling claustrophobic.

  2. Jarvis

    I TOTALLY get what you mean there bro. Top notch for that “What did you do in the weekend?” point. At times I feel like saying, “I was reborn but today killed me again to that question.”

    1. chiruhr Post author

      Bro, i just got in the boat which you have been sailing. Even i feel like saying the same but hold back myself from being rude(genuine). Thanks for the word Effulgence.

  3. sachin

    HA HA, don’t worry bro we are all on the same boat.But in our case we choose which boat to travel,but in your case like u said it someone pulled the trick.


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