Good Times!

Before I start telling you all about what good happened in the last two days, I must inform you that this is going to be a looooong post. Ever since I have become aware of the fact that many readers do read my blog and stop by to ask about few things I didn’t completely express, I become conscious about my writings. I do care for all my lovely readers and when you finish reading this post, you’ll get a watermelon. This post is not a verbose (or is it?), so say goodbye to your dictionary for few minutes because you will not be needing one.

By now, you must have noticed that my presence in office completely shadows the little time I spend outside. I always complain that being in a big city like Bengaluru and still not hitting the road or hitting anything for that matter. But by now, I have figured out that the only solution to this problem is MAKING TIME. Everything that I have done here are my Firsts. Prior to my graduation day, I received a mail from my department inviting me for the occasion. I replied them a day before the event which is purely unprofessional but buttressing my behavior during the college days. Coming late to class with a stupid excuse or submitting assignments after being warned that marks will be reduced.

On 11th September, Friday, I left the office with my college friends who are working in the same company. We had booked a ride in Uber because yeah, we’re earning. When we got inside the car, I was expecting a boys’ talk which would be usually about stuffs that revolve around girls. I was surprised when no one said anything about girls. We talked only about work, Bangalore, IT industry and other things but not about one thing that runs in every guy’s mind. It was pretty clear that our mutual association had just relegated from being friends to being colleagues.

Just the feeling of knowing in 2 hours I’ll be in mandya had brought in front of me a short film of what I did in four years. Many of my friends had reached early and were waiting for me to begin the “Boy Stuff”. The place for the “Boy Stuff” was my room where I previously stayed and written a blog about (Read about it here). Everyone cheered as I entered the room. It took me few minutes to get adjusted to the changes made inside. All my footballer’s posters were removed, all my batman quotes were covered with program codes to “Insert an element at a given position”.  The new guy understood my shock and said “Anna, I still have Alia and Arjun’s Poster from 2 States”.  It was a moo point.


I sat down accepting that it’s not my king’s landing anymore. Then, we began doing “The Boy Stuff”. My juniors from CS were the first victims of what I had become after doing “The Boy Stuff”. They were eager to get out of the college and start working. If only they knew what’s out there beyond the wall I thought. I had been through all of it. Books laying with unfolded clothes, laptops for copying assignments, asking seniors how a teachers sets a paper and corrects it. Now I was answering them. My harangue continued till 12 and by now they were tired. I joined my friends again and we talked till 3.

The Graduation Day!

My phone had 3 missed calls already from my mom. She called me and said “The program is about to start, we are here and where are you”. “Calm down mom, it won’t start until I come” I said but this joke didn’t work. I had invited my mom because she had never seen my college and I badly wanted to show her where I completed the BE. I dressed up and left the hostel and it was first time that didn’t care which was the class at 10:30.

The function had just started and I entered with a gown, a square academic cap, a white formal shirt with black trousers. Without a doubt, they added extra 5 pounds to my fluffiness. Before I could speak with her, a volunteer instructed me to sit in the chairs that were placed for “Computer Science and Engineering” students. As I sat there, the first thing I did was, look around searching for Nefertiti. A bad name for my crush but hey Nefertiti is so damn beautiful. I searched and searched and she was nowhere to be found. The speeches had begun and the stage was filled with delegates and guests. Two years ago, she had danced on the same stage, two years ago, she was on the same stage wearing an ethnic dress. All images of her, just rushed in a flash. (Read about it here)

Then just like how it happens in movies, she walked beside me with her indescribable smile. The noises from speakers seemed to go mute, all faces disappeared except hers. I was shying away from all possible eye contacts with her so that she wouldn’t notice me seeing her. It came to me as a shock to see her sit just two seats in front of me. My friends tickled, kicked my legs, and started teasing with bits of humor. I ignored them and kept all my concentration at the only rose in the garden. She did her part by turning back and talking to her friends in intervals and I have to believe that she did it that so I could see her clearly.  She had only gotten prettier ever since she left college. I thought of all the ways I could’ve tried to spill the words out when I went to the same class as she did. What held me back and why couldn’t do or dare to say a thing. She sat there like a nucleus and everything revolved around her. One of them was myself.

A message popped up in my phone from a very close friend who was sitting just behind her. It said “she is showing us – her new crush. He looks so good”. WTFH? Is it like some hold and wait deadlock condition I studied in operating systems?. I acted as if I knew it was coming. Not everything you want, you can get. I was less bothered because I was reaching for someone out of my league. I sat there just thinking about the present, her eyes and how good it felt just to be there. Then I heard the guest of honor saying “Dream Big”. I was confused but it all passed. When the photo session begun, my friend called her to take a pic with us. I stood beside her and after 4 nice clicks which I will forever have in my gallery, she disappeared. Sorry if you felt like this was a Om Shanti Om story. What good is this post if she doesn’t even read this?

My mom was very happy that day and I will ask how she felt when I go home. I introduced my friends to her. My little brother was about to get a bicycle as a gift from my first salary, so my parents left early to Mysore. After that, I took a lot of photos, talked to many of them. I collected my degree certificate and officially became Alumni of PESCE. The college had given me everything, a job and degree. I’ll forever be grateful to my college. The day was long and weary, at the same time – a day I will remember forever.

Here’s the watermelon I promised.



7 thoughts on “Good Times!

  1. Tejaswi

    You are in Banashankari? Wow.. ok… 🙂 and that too from Mysore originally I guess.. huh!! Many eons ago I used to be in JCE… anyway, nice post.. and beautifully captured memories 🙂

    1. chiruhr Post author

      Thank You tejaswi. Though I studied in mandya, many of my good memories are the weekends I spent in SJCE. I was going through your blog and that’s a great write up !!

      1. Tejaswi

        🙂 Thanks man.. from one CS guy to another.. 😀

        And hey, go looking for her, talk.. speak, utter the words.. or you may always regret it 😀

  2. Karthik bm

    I literary hoped u would propose her ………I have around 2 years left and I have realised that I should make most of it……thanks chiru


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