Of Droplets and Thoughts

They stood still like they were cautious that everything might collapse. They were holding onto something which only a poet or an artist can understand. No one around them made a sound. They would fall any minute. I knew, but I simply watched them play their part. I had woken up and it had rained heavily. Looked like everything was repainted for something new.

Through the window, I looked at the streets. The window had been washed and was clean as a crystal with some water drops caught in a web. Oh the drops of water. Did the rain gods scattered you on what they thought was a Cartesian plane? Because I think you have been eclectically sprinkled on this glass sheet so as to capture your fall.

As I breathed through my mouth, the window glass became a unfathomable mystery. A moment later, the glass was Lucid again. The breathing duties were shifted back to my nose. It was very calm. The bus danced through Indian roads but their ability to stand still was uncanny.

I started to count. 23 water droplets stuck on a 2D plane. Not aware of any chaos around. After I got in the bus, I was very angry at myself for not bringing an earphone. There was no network signal to even chat or call. May be it had to be like that. Me going on a journey from office to a better place. And most importantly, spending time with myself.

Watching these droplets was the only thing I did. Many villages passed behind the glass but my gaze was constant. Can I connect myself to them? Do they know they’re being watched? 

A sudden break was applied and the drops moved down few centimeters. They followed a similar pattern as if they all had decided, they would all go down together. It was peaceful. Minutes later, I was feeling less anxious. I was wondering whether my thoughts could be like them. Undisturbed.

I started to speak to them. I felt weird and stupid. But I knew they were listening. My thoughts were parallel with the droplets but on a different plane. They were still too. I wished they stayed the same. I smiled and saw my face distorted in each of the droplets. I had studied in Physics why they tend to have a spherical shape but laughed again because frankly, I didn’t understand a thing about surface tension. The surface tension in my mind was momentarily gone and I was just happy about that.

Then came a Juggernaut of a water drop out of nowhere and rolled right through the middle of this abstract canvas and what remained was just the debris. The new picture made no sense to me as the previous beauty did. I opened the window and my village was near. My thought which were still now went back to being squandered and a recondite analogy was just evidenced stronger.   



21 thoughts on “Of Droplets and Thoughts

  1. Vamagandhi

    Have you heard of ‘chinese water torture’? The droplets dripping over a bald head…tip-tap-tip-tap….can make anybody insane. One of the most gruesome tortures.

    Gosh! I am a sadist.


  2. poet-at-heart

    Your deep thoughts and incredible writing sent me on a nostalgic tour into my school days, where, the ride in Tata Sumo’s window seat to my school in June gave me the same experience! 🙂 Loved the moment and the lone thoughts that I used to get… Seeing the peaceful shrubs, studded with water droplets, addictive smell of wet mud and the anticipation to reach school after 2 long and lonely holidays in my village home. Thank you for the ride 😉

      1. chiruhr Post author

        I saw all three of them. It’s amazing how much you have managed with what you have. Your narration and Calligraphy skills are too good 🙂 and Thank you thank you thank you (3 times ) was funny and cute at the same time

      2. Nishita13

        Okay, so I’m going be to thanking you like a 100 times for making me this happy, at then end of this day.
        You know, when people appreciate you, your blood is fed in with happy enzymes, which makes me Hyperventilate.
        THANKYOU a lot.
        THANKYOU 🙂
        And THANKYOU once again, for all your time, and appreciation. 👧🏻

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