An engineer by profession. A Blogger by choice. Comes from a tiny village of state Karnataka. A little snobby, a lot intuitive. Exists only on the internet because of his unrealistic visions. Loves cricket, football and Eminem more than himself often gets lost in thoughts. Writes because people can hear him and he want people to listen to his musings. Consider himself as a thinker with the drinking problem.

Hasn’t achieved anything more than eating 10 Dosa’s in one go. Being funny and creepy is his thing. At a given point of time, he is either on top of the world or in depths of despair. Sapiosexual and whimsical at times and has embarrassedย himself for being so.

His strengths are he can speak alien with only using English words, writing without a care and when something weird happens around, he can ย almost there like there’s no one around him. His major weakness is he cannot live a day without making fun of his own deeds. He is fat, short, too far from being called cute, bragger, overthinker, makes you feel awkward after a little amount of time.

Follow me for some amateur rambling. I promise to be pensive. Comment and share your thoughts on my post because they mean a lot.ย And here is how I don’t look.



33 thoughts on “About.

      1. susieshy45

        Thanks Chiru ! When I write to someone’s post, I like to address them by name. For one thing, my children tell me I am losing my memory with age- so I am trying to remember my fellow bloggers names and address them correctly. A few times, I have made mistakes though.
        For another, it gives a personal touch- I feel like I am talking to a close friend and so can talk at the level of the heart.

      2. chiruhr Post author

        That’s a great idea. That really gives a sense of virtual connection. I face similar problems. Some bloggers just wire their name in a convoluted manner and it’s hard to address them in any way other than “mate”

  1. Shiva Malekopmath

    Hello !! Batman !!!
    It was nice browsing your Blog.
    Shall come back some time. Bahu Bega . OK
    Pats! Pats!! Pats!!!
    Nanu Nimmavane.
    Elle Hattira.
    Matte Betiagona Hrudayada Anagaladalli !!!!

    1. chiruhr Post author

      Shiva เฒ…เฒตเฒฐเณ‡,
      Feels so good to get connected with nammavru. Thanks for stopping by. Prapancha tumba chikdu ๐Ÿ˜› ๐Ÿ™‚

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      1. Sahana

        Oh! So you’re a Potterhead too. Anyway, I just noticed that you read my “about page” So no wonder you know that I am a Potterhead!

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