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Not Telling a Lie is Innocence!

Not Telling a Lie is Innocence

Not knowing this is Ignorance.

Your honesty is their target

They’ll often forget

That your only choice is the truth

And you don’t play any games

or the drama and the plays

nor the deceitful gestures and the faked affections.

You say it quick,

or you don’t say at all

You always tell the truth

That’s an easy call.

Truth doesn’t creep, twist or squirm

It is just a matter of plumb whim

Innocence is not lost to sex,

but to all the lies you tell

to make up for what you did!

You can lie and cheat a person

but beware of your conscience.

But I’ve been cheated by lies, Yes,

Crushed, buried to a point

where I can no longer figure out

Why Truth and Lie are disparate! 

It did take time to crawl back,

get the dust off and give a shot

at writing this prose

with no rhymes but for a reason!



The Wait!


A void engulfed the Chambers,

All four of them

Hurting and healing at the same time

The head bent low, down,

Staring at the random thing

Thinking, why am I not thinking about anything?

It longed for confusions!


I was facing consequences

Of not knowing

What the size of space and

Longevity of Time is.

Space and the gap it crates

Time and the bridges it collapses

A lot to contemplate

A lot to swallow


Unswerving I stayed

For I knew,

I could prove Space and Time wrong

I could vanquish

If I showed them

That we have grown to be the same

Through incalculable span in time

That we have fought to be together

Though we are miles apart in Space


I had reached,

Well before

Waiting for the light to fall

On a heavenly existence that is she,

And radiate

Glaring rays that could burnish

The ever so dull volume bounding me


The song had stopped

It was just a mute earphone

The book had been closed

Only a crafted cover on a cuboid

The table was empty

Just a cold glass balanced on 4 invisible legs

And quiet me,

With earphones, holding a book

And tapping legs nervously under the table.


It seemed that

The wait was long,

As long as the time itself

That It kept stretching

To check my patience

The wait tarried

My nemesis,

Since I last saw her.


But when she came

Through the portal

Every event that led

To this point in space-time

Made sense

Was meaningful

And was worth the wait!


The Letter  I didn’t Send

The Poem I didn’t End

The Story I stopped writing in the middle

A crisp thought that later became a riddle

The mundane task I keep doing

which conflicts my interest and the reason why I am Limping

My scratchy career and my never ending to-do List

The Gifts I wrapped for her Birthday

The Outsized Kurta I brought for my brother’s Wedding day

A dream to make my mom prouder

Saved pages and bookmarks in my browser

Thousands lines I deleted because they didn’t rhyme

and the people I befriended in the meantime

The words I held back in arguments and fights

The Batman painting I trashed because the symmetry wasn’t right

And all the things I couldn’t do last night

Are the DRAFTS and remain incomplete

Only to be touched and left undone

Off Course I am!

Off Course I am!

Wandering in a hopeless Parade,

With my hands inside the pocket,

and some dirt on my cloth.

The time blows whistles

Constantly reminding me that

It’s too late to correct anything.

Cold wind blows

Drying tears that were

as off course as I am

on the craters in my face.

Unspoken Things

So that’s what we are now?

Two Old Friends

Who text two times a day,

For wishing each other

Good mornings and Good nights!


Tell me,

That there’s something more,

Apart from these pale blue ticks

That what’s between us is real,

That what we had years ago,

Has thrived to be the same,

And will remain the same.

If it isn’t worth showing,

Then it isn’t worth caring.


Make me believe that,

Behind those Dark clouds

Is a bright sun.

Behind that dense smoke

Is a cold breeze.

Behind that Red mystic veil,

Is a face I had once seen.


Stop running down the riptide,

Turn back and show me the real Side,

The one which you don’t hide,

Because There is a reason

I had shied away from telling you

Why I Once Cried.


I’ve been conversing with silence.

I receive its words through the air,

causing tremors in my contrite soul,

telling “I too can Talk, Only if you can closely listen”

The sound of Silence is,

as peaceful as a lake,

It has something new to say,

It doesn’t hold back it’s tongue,

It isn’t afraid of if I would get hurt.

It can be your best friend

when no one’s around,

It can be a Savior

when the chaos surrounds,

Looking at it’s enormity,

my thoughts stay still,

mesmerized by how can something so intangible,

can touch my heart.