Starlight Blogger Award.

Hurray! I have been nominated for another award. As I sit today with piles of thoughts to answer the questions asked by my lovely fellow blogger – Swatii , I would like to thank her for the nomination. In blogging terms, she is an ace, a pro and someone whom I follow to better myself. It is such an honor to be nominated by such talented writer. Just when I thought of giving up on blogging, this happened. I should stop playing Coldplay’s Lost now. 

Here I try to answer the questions by typing exactly what my inner voice tells me.

Not-to-be-changed rules:

Thank the giver and link their blog to your post.
Answer the 3 questions given to you. Nominate Others.

1. If ever given a task to write a book, which topic you will hop on to?

I would suck at writing books. The prime reason is my thoughts are so scattered that I get really nervous while writing anything more than 1000 words. I might be needing a neural magnifying glass to concentrate all my thoughts to one place. But since it is a hypothetical question where I am normal in psychological terms, the topic I will hop on to is “time travel”. I would have likely got an aww if I had sad “Love/Romance”, but I feel I am too old for that stuff.

2. How do you define *LIFE*?

               That – Hyphen written in between date of birth and date of death, is life. In that little hyphen, you take birth, smile, cry, work, play, sing, dance, inhale, exhale, make love, awkwardly watch people making love, befriend, cheat, parent, Facebook, twitter, drink, smoke, lust, get old, and no matters how many times you didn’t take bath, you DIE. All during that little Hyphen. 

3. *Emotions* – How do they guide an existence?
               Having emotions is what makes us human. Not having emotions makes you call a person – an Animal. We humans have survived till today because, since the day it all started, hunting for food and living in caves, it has been about having each other’s back, sharing feelings, and being there during the worst times. Funny, Charles Darwin didn’t include this in his theory.

Heck Yeah! Another one completed. Great ride.

My Nominees to the same are

1. Jagriti
2. Sonam
3. Shiva
4. Swagath
5. Siddharth

The three questions from my muggle head are,

1. Do you believe in Luck? Why?
2. What is the strangest thing you have experienced?
3. What is a challenge according to you?

Do participate. I am checking my notifications for answers 😛

Happy Blogging
Chiranjeevi HR